Disney To Charge Unvaccinated Customers Extra At Tokyo Theme Park

Customers who show proof of immunisation or a negative PCR test will receive a 20% discount on admission to the Disney Tokyo theme park, while unvaccinated guests will be charged an additional fee. 

Disney To Charge Unvaccinated Customers Extra At Tokyo Theme Park 1

The spread of fear persists in many regions of Asia even though the overall story around the covid “threat” has fallen and the majority of western countries have essentially given up on their efforts to impose mandates and restrictions. In order to impose their own politically motivated dictates, Disney looks to be fully utilising the ongoing excitement in Japan.

Customers presenting proof of immunisation or a negative PCR test obtained within three days of admission will now receive 20% off entrance prices at the Tokyo Disney theme park. Customers who are not vaccinated pay the previous charges.

The action is a remnant from 2020 policy proposals created by public-private partnerships. Big business and big government working together to persuade or compel the population to comply with vaccine requirements (or any other demands). Documents released by globalists at the Imperial College of London (pdf below) at the start of the epidemic in 2020 reveal the carrot and stick strategy.

Government authorities and businesses specifically developed a number of rewards for those who received vaccinations and sanctions for those who did not, primarily through denial-of-service practises like removal from public spaces or even from economic involvement. Corporations would cooperate with the government to enforce the law, using the justification of private property rights to repress the unvaccinated and reject vaccinations.

Governments could circumvent constitutional provisions for individual liberty in this fashion. They may argue that they were not infringing on anyone’s rights and that they had every right to deny service to those who posed a threat. It’s a legal ruse, but it works.

The Biden White House tried to gradually reduce competition with large enterprises and eliminate public options by enacting vaccine mandates for employees through executive order. The difficulty was that smaller businesses could still service the unvaccinated. The decree began with enterprises with 100 or more employees, but it was evident that ALL organisations would soon be covered.

The majority of small company owners who refused to cooperate would no longer be in business if Biden and his handlers had been successful, leaving only corporate chains as the source for commerce. The American people would have little choice but to have the vaccinations and boosters in order to pay for essentials and maintain their employment, or they would have to turn to the black market.

Fortunately, a sufficient number of conservative states refused to comply and opposed the mandates, demonstrating that they could operate more effectively than those imposing limitations and vaccination requirements. As a direct result, vaccination claims collapsed, and western nations realised there was a better approach to manage the COVID occurrence.

Asian nations have not experienced the same level of rebellion, and numerous mandates still exist. Despite overwhelming proof that its “Zero Covid” policies are useless, China continues to implement them. The Japanese government employed a campaign of “public shaming” and peer pressure as a strategy to gain compliance and relied less on mandates and never actually imposed masks. This approach has rendered the population extremely obedient given the collectivism inherent in Japanese society.

Disney To Charge Unvaccinated Customers Extra At Tokyo Theme Park 2

Because we can now see what the establishment intended to achieve in the US or in Europe, it is crucial to study the dramatic contrast between Asia and the west when it comes to the results of pandemic bureaucracy. We can see what companies like Disney would have been doing if there hadn’t been such a strong opposition to the mandates.

The ultimate goal was to use rewards for compliance and penalties for defiance in everything from casual trade to leisure. The tactic was often and publicly admitted: make life as difficult as you can for the unvaccinated while they watch their vaccinated friends and relatives benefit from gifts and privileges. Disney appears to still want this conclusion even though the pandemic is long over.

Read the document given below:

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