Did Hunter Biden Give Classified Documents To Chinese Intelligence

The issue of Joe Biden’s classified document scandal and its potential impact on national security has been exacerbated by the revelation of two reports linking Hunter Biden’s financial gain from Chinese Communist Party-associated business transactions to the Biden family’s Wilmington, Delaware residence. Did Hunter Biden really give classified documents to Chinese intelligence?

Did Hunter Biden Give Classified Documents To Chinese Intelligence

First, according to Breitbart News’ Seamus Bruner (researcher for renowned bombshell-dropper Peter Schweizer), “While addicted to drugs, cavorting with prostitutes, and making deals with businessmen tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, Hunter Biden lived in the house where Joe Biden stored classified documents.”

Hunter Biden made an error while completing a background check, listing his “rent” as $49,910, which is actually the security deposit and six months’ rent for a prime office space at the House of Sweden in Washington D.C. However, the more intriguing aspect of this is that the dates Hunter listed for living at the Wilmington, Delaware residence on other documents and financial statements, coincide with a time period when various Biden family members were receiving money from foreign businessmen linked to the highest levels of Chinese state intelligence services through energy company CEFC. As Bruner pointed out, CNN had referred to CEFC as a state-directed entity in 2018.

Energy company CEFC and at least four of its executives and associates – Ye Jianming, Patrick Ho, Gongwen Dong and Jiaqi Bao – have connections to the Chinese Communist Party and its military intelligence operations. Hunter even referred to Patrick Ho as “the fucking spy chief of China” in one instance.

More via Breitbart..

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By early 2017, Hunter was directly corresponding with CEFC personnel and flew to Miami in February of that year to meet with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming. During this trip, Ye Jianming gave Hunter a 3.16 carat diamond valued at approximately $80,000..

Did Hunter Biden Give Classified Documents To Chinese Intelligence 2

When Hunter’s ex-wife discovered that he had obtained something of such immense value, she had her divorce attorney send an “Urgent” email seeking to determine the whereabouts of the diamond and secure the asset before Hunter could “dissipate” it. Hunter’s attorney offered a shady denial:

“There is no diamond in Hunter’s possession. I don’t know where Kathleen is getting access to this information, but on this score, what your email purports below is inaccurate.”
Metadata gleaned from photos of the diamond on the abandoned laptop indicate that Hunter lied about not having the diamond and he in fact had the diamond with him in Wilmington. The current location of the 3.16 carat diamond remains unknown
After the fateful February 2017 meeting with Ye, and around the time Hunter claimed to have moved into the Wilmington house where classified documents were found, the Bidens’ business with CEFC exploded.

Nine days after Miami meeting, Hunter received two separate wire transfers of $3 million which the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network flagged as suspicious.

Additionally, images found on Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop, according to the Washington Free Beacon, confirm his presence at the Wilmington House in July 2017. It is worth mentioning that the classified documents in question were allegedly taken to the house in January of that same year.

The photographs found on Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop, according to the sources, provide the most definitive proof till date that Hunter who was engaged in talks with a Chinese energy company linked to the Chinese Communist Party, had access to the parts of his father’s residence where classified documents were kept, even as he was actively negotiating a deal with the CCP-linked Chinese energy company.

A Washington Free Beacon review of the laptop found four 2017 photographs of Hunter Biden, clad in a white collared shirt and a camouflage baseball cap, behind the wheel of his father’s 1967 Corvette Stingray. GPS metadata embedded in the photos indicate they were taken within a minute of each other at 6:49 p.m. on July 30 of that year, just outside the president’s Wilmington, Del., residence. The photos show Hunter Biden posing in the vehicle beside two young girls. One appears to be his then-12-year-old niece, Natalie Biden. The other could not be identified.

Did Hunter Biden Give Classified Documents To Chinese Intelligence 3

Konstantinos Gus Dimitrelos, a former Secret Service agent and licensed computer forensics expert, examined the pictures and established their authenticity.

“If requested, I will testify the photographs are genuine and were taken on July 30, 2017,” he told the Free Beacon.

And as the Beacon further reports – corroborating Breitbart’s reporting, “At the time the photos were taken, Hunter Biden was negotiating a lucrative business deal with the now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC, which was closely tied to the Chinese government. Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski claimed to have met with Joe Biden in person in early May 2017—less than three months before Hunter Biden was pictured taking the wheel of his father’s prized vehicle—to discuss the Biden family’s Chinese business dealings.”

An intelligence firm recently published an investigation report on how the Chinese intelligence cultivated the Biden family. The intel report disclosed a detailed narration of important events and interactions which took place during meetings between the Biden family and Chinese tycoons. As a direct result of the elaborate influence operation China managed to steal America’s nuclear secrets. As part of the operation, Joe Biden also blocked the sale of Russian Cryogenic rocket engine technology to India describing it as being “dangerous”.

Hunter Biden was paid $6 million in legal and consulting fees by CEFC over the course of 2017 and 2018. Notably, the same media outlets that promoted the idea that the Trumps had ties to Russia based on false information, are not giving much attention to the actual national security risks posed by the Biden family.

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  1. I cannot believe that Hunter Biden ever GAVE any classified or secret information to enemies of the US. He would never GIVE them anything when he has a major drug habit to support. His huge increase in wealth, from the millions that the Ukrainians & Chinese PAID him, was obtained by an exchange of something which they could not obtain elsewhere. What did Hunter have access to that they would pay to have? Do these governments ever GIVE money away for nothing? Is there any other logical way to connect thee dots? Who in the US government & agencies is assisting him in this? We need to stop ignoring the blatant selling out of our Nation or we will lose it.

  2. Remember “frazzeldrip” the video found on Anthony Wieners’ lap top?
    It was a movie showing Hilary and his X-wife Huma torturing a 13 year old girl, cutting off her face and using it a a mask, while continuing to torture her, placing a device up her nose into her brain to remove the pineal gland (walnut juice).
    Getting adrenochrome out of her while she is still alive and then taking out her heart and eating it.
    The usual, these reptilians do for fun.
    The police in New York City who saw the video, were all killed shortly after.
    Well, what the Chinese have on Hunter is several little Chinese girls under the age of 8, doing the same thing.
    They found it on his laptop.
    They own Hunter and ‘senile old Pedo Pete’, as Hunter calls his dad.

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