The Massive Coronavirus Testing Protocol Fraud

Unavailability and access to testing kits and facilities combined with massive tests following faulty protocols and amplified by the hysterical media is wreaking havoc on the medical infrastructure of nations into lockdown due to Coronavirus resulting into more panic and chaos. As false results soar the World Health Organisation (WHO) has come under global criticism. However, a deeper look at the cases by GreatGameIndia showed a massive Coronavirus Testing Protocol fraud – a fraud because the WHO already did it before and admitted it.

Coronavirus testing data shows that cases of false positives are as high as 80% in China and India, and as high as a staggering 99% in Italy.

The Massive Coronavirus Testing Protocol Fraud
The Massive Coronavirus Testing Protocol Fraud

The Testing Protocol

The COVID-19 outbreak has stretched medical capabilities all over the world, including those at the World Health Organization (WHO). In order to deal with such crises, the WHO sets out testing protocols, based on the most reliable, accurate and well sourced technologies and research methodologies available worldwide. Atleast thats what we’re told.

Whenever a new virus breaks out, a DNA amplification technique is needed to amplify and analyse large enough quantities of the virus. This DNA is derived from a single strand RNA genome, using an enzyme called reverse-transcriptase.

Thus, the most widely adopted technology today to test 2019-nCoV are the RT-PCR (Reverse transcription – Polymarese Chain Reaction) tests, which look for the genetic code of the virus. A throat swab sample is taken from the patient. Then, in the laboratory, the virus’s genetic code (if it’s there) is extracted and repeatedly copied, making tiny quantities vast and detectable.

However, the execution of this technology and protocol requires a RNA extraction kit, a PCR machine and reagents & primers, all of which can vary depending on availability and access in a country or region. This seemingly small issue combined with massive tests following faulty protocols and amplified by the hysterical media can wreak havoc on the medical infrastructure of the nation resulting into more panic and chaos.

A Shoddy Practice based on Flawed Science

There were serious concerns being raised about the testing protocol. If the samples are not correctly stored and handled, the test may not work. There has also been some discussion about whether doctors testing the back of the throat are looking in the wrong place. This is a deep lung infection rather one in the nose and throat.

The test could also be based on flawed science. If the genetic code in the patient’s virus mutates before it binds with the primer from the virus’ matching code, then the test will produce a false negative.

A study in the journal Radiology showed five out of 167 patients tested positive for the virus at a later date, after testing negative for the disease earlier, despite lung scans showing they were ill. There have been a multitude of cases reported of false negatives, including in countries such as Singapore and Thailand. Below we provide few case studies.


The WHO’s testing protocol was questioned by Finland’s national health authority last week. WHO had called on countries to test as many patients as possible for coronavirus.

Finland ran out of testing capacity and began limiting coronavirus tests to the most vulnerable groups and healthcare personnel only. Finland’s national health authority said that testing people with mild symptoms would be a waste of healthcare resources.

In a startling disclosure, Finland’s head of health security, Mika Salminen dismissed WHO advisory saying the WHO doesn’t understand pandemics and that their Coronavirus testing protocol is illogical and doesn’t work.

United States

Contrary to WHO’s guidelines, states in the United States such North Carolina are modifying testing protocols in order to prioritize patients with severe symptoms, vulnerable patients and medical staff at-risk, while eliminating patients with mild symptoms.

In an answer to a question related to W.H.O. tests, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, said: “It doesn’t help to put out a test where 50 percent or 47 percent were false positives. Imagine what that would mean to the American people. Imagine what that would mean to tell someone they were positive when they weren’t.”

Although the study referenced by Dr. Deborah Birx now stands retracted, it has not been clarified why; though the fact that the retraction was because it was a “sensitive” matter is enough to give rise to suspicion of political interference in to a peer reviewed published study.

Similar political interference into matter of scientific concern was also observed when a group of Indian scientists were forced to withdraw their study which discovered that Wuhan Coronavirus was engineered with AIDS like insertions. The study concluded that it was unlikely for a virus to have acquired such unique insertions naturally in a short duration of time.


The U.S. CDC confirmed that an American woman, feared to have potentially spread COVID-19 aboard Holland America Line’s cruise ship Westerdam, was tested negative for the virus later, and called the early results a false-positive.

The elderly woman was tested positive in Cambodia and the ship was allowed to dock in the country after being denied entry to multiple ports following rumours of a possible coronavirus on board sparking fears the outbreak could further spread worldwide.


 Iceland’s health authorities and deCode Genetics undertook comprehensive screening for the virus that causes COVID-19 among the Icelandic population. The testing by deCode Genetics started Friday, 13 March and the results of the first 5,571 diagnosed tests yielded only 48 positive samples. Approximately half of the people who tested positive for COVID-19 are non-symptomatic, according to the country’s Chief Epidemiologist Gudnason. The other half were showing only “very moderate cold-like symptoms.”


Of the people in China testing positive for Covid-19, a vast majority suffer from mild symptoms and then recover. “Last month, scientists from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a research paper analysing the data for the first 72,314 people diagnosed with Covid-19. The researchers also looked at how severe the illness was for those who were diagnosed. The good news: more than 80% experienced only mild symptoms. Almost 14% were classed as severe cases, while the condition of almost only 5% was determined to be critical.”


According to a study by Italy’s national health authority, over a staggering 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions.

Italy Coronavirus deaths
Italy Coronavirus deaths. Bloomberg

The Rome-based institute has examined medical records of about 18% of the country’s coronavirus fatalities, finding that just three victims, or only 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology – meaning that 99% of those who died in Italy had other illness.


Yet another instance where there is indicatively a large number of false-positives is in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research said that it expected 80% coronavirus patients to have only mild cold and fever. Balram Bhargava, DG, ICMR said that only about 5% of these patients need to be admitted and needed supportive treatment.

The very first two cases in Maharashtra who tested positive, tested negative two weeks later in Pune and were discharged. It is extremely unusual that a positive test turns negative so quickly in two patients. ANI reported that the tests that came out negative were conducted twice.

India’s medical authorities have also resisted opening up to mass testing. Director of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) expert committee Chairman Dr. Randeep Guleria said that the testing protocol will have to go hand in hand with India’s testing capacity and that India’s healthcare system is already working at capacity.

We’re Going To Be Fine

Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, began analyzing the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide in January and correctly calculated that China would get through the worst of its coronavirus outbreak long before many health experts had predicted.

Now he foresees a similar outcome in the United States and the rest of the world.

While many epidemiologists are warning of months, or even years, of massive social disruption and millions of deaths, Levitt says the data simply don’t support such a dire scenario — especially in areas where reasonable social distancing measures are in place.

“What we need is to control the panic,” he said. In the grand scheme, “we’re going to be fine.”

When WHO faked a Pandemic

So, if the WHO’s testing protocols are indeed based on the most reliable, accurate and well sourced technologies and research methodologies available worldwide, shouldn’t they have known about its negligible effectiveness and its impact in causing panic and chaos? Indeed the WHO knows it doesn’t work and moreover this is not the first time such criticisms have been voiced.

In the past in 2010, the WHO was caught faking a pandemic and was forced to admit that its methodology of measuring the virality or the spread of the disease, instead of its severity was incorrect.

WHO’s top influenza expert Mr Fukuda admitted that the U.N. agency’s six-phase system for declaring a pandemic had sown confusion about H1N1, which was ultimately not as deadly as the widely-feared Avian influenza.

The Role of Vaccine Industry

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, in 2009, WHO was caught grossly exaggerating the danger of the H1N1 disease spreading fear and confusion rather than ‘immediate information’. Committees of enquiry were appointed to investigate decision-making at the WHO and national levels.

On what basis, and on whose advice, had the pandemic been declared? On what basis and on whose advice had national health authorities signed secret contracts with multinational vaccine manufacturers?

When it finally became known that many of the most influential advisers, at both WHO and national levels, were paid consultants to the vaccine industry, many commentators were appalled. Whose interests had they been serving? Wasn’t this a clear case of conflict of interests?

WHO was criticized for its links to the pharmaceutical industry after companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Aventis profited from producing H1N1 vaccine.

Global Government to tackle Coronavirus

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK, urged world leaders to form a temporary global government to tackle coronavirus in order to (1) find a vaccine and (2) organize production, purchasing and prevent profiteering from it. However, past experience with a form of global government, namely the WHO, hardly breeds any confidence.

Of course, just like the saying, “This time, it’s different,” Gordon Brown would not have existing forms of global governments do the work. Instead, he now wants a massive red tape filled bureaucracy, a group larger than the G20!

It could also be that he would want to build on his apparent success during the 2008 financial crisis – Brown had persuaded other global leaders of the need to bailout the banks and then hosted a meeting of the G20 in London, which came up with a $1.1 trillion rescue package.

So, we are being told to trust the WHO, who through at least the last two epidemics has misled the world badly on the virality and severity of the disease. They were then found to have entrenched financial links with vaccine producers, and are now coming out with dodgy testing protocols and calls for mass vaccination using retired politicians.

Thanks, but no thanks, Mr Gordon!!!

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