According to a claim by the Ukrainian Center of National Resistance, Russia is mobilizing drug addicts to fight in order to reach its quota.
There are around 50,000 Wagner Group fighters currently deployed to Ukraine. The US has designated the Wagner group as a "transnational criminal organization" while citing ties with North Korea.
The photos below show Mariupol before and after the Ukraine War, taken in the summer and winter of 2022, with the city slowly recovering.
According to The Moscow Times, a Russian firm called Fores is offering $71,000 in cash as a bounty for the destruction or capture of Western tanks, which according to the firm is driven by a patriotic desire to support the national army.
Two new operations have revved up Israel’s shadow war on Iran; striking at its nuclear/ballistic program as well as smashing its corridor through Iraq for arming proxy Shiite militias in Syria.
The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted that the majority of Soledar is already under Russian control, with Russia's Wagner Group capturing Ukraine's 120+ mile salt mine tunnels.
Asylum seekers from Russia who are fleeing the war in Ukraine are coming to the United States. The Russians fleeing war are at the US border in Mexico and are seeking asylum with the migrants.
According to investigative journalist Jack Murphy, attacks are being carried out by the intelligence service of an undisclosed European NATO nation. The one behind the attacks, however, is the CIA who are directing sabotage attacks in Russian territory.
According to ACF and photos, General Armageddon lives a lavish lifestyle, having spent £2.7 million on a property in Russia. 
Even though an end to the conflict appears distant, Ukraine's forces aim to rotate this winter, when violence is expected to slow. Ukraine has launched a new psychological op to defeat Putin.