Scientists used surveys from NASA's TESS satellite observatory to accomplish a monumental result. They have discovered an 'ocean planet' completely covered by a thick layer of water 100 light-years from Earth.
According to a study accepted for publication in the Royal Astronomical Journal, the Sun will eat Mercury, Venus, and Earth after it turns into a red giant as its fuel runs out.
The graphic below depicts the entire Universe's contents, with dark energy and dark matter accounting for the majority of the composition and the rest accounting for only 5%. 
As Russia prepares to leave the International Space Station, a new space station is being developed to make sure "the country is not left without a space station." The New Russian Space Station will also help to monitor the Earth's 'health,' says a design team member.
China now has its very own space plane. The Chinese development of spaceplane technology will be remarkable if they manage to overcome the problems Dyna-Soar and the Space Shuttle faced, and the challenges SpaceX’s Starship is now facing as well.
Due to a cosmic tragedy, the planet Uranus rotates at an angle of 98 degrees in the opposite direction to Earth. 
New research has found that Earth is suddenly spinning faster than usual, which will cause us to experience shorter days in the years to come and it can spell doom for us.
According to a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters by Tyler Horvath, a PhD student in planetary science at the University of California, Los Angeles, they discovered pits on the Moon that stay at 63 °F all year and could be a place to visit to escape the heat.
Only 13 nations including the European Space Agency have historically constructed space-going rockets. Here's a list of the countries that are capable of launching space rockets.
Agnikul Cosmos, which is India’s first private rocket engine factory and is currently equipped to construct two rocket engines from scratch each week, was opened on Wednesday.