NASA scientists have detected the biggest extraterrestrial earthquake ever on Mars with a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale.
The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom has unveiled its space defence policy, which presents the ominous prospect of a "exo-atmospheric nuclear attack." Nevertheless, the text provides few real ideas for dealing with such a scenario.
Space Transportation, also known as Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology, informed Chinese media that it was working on a "winged rocket" for high-speed "point-to-point transportation," which would be less expensive than satellite-carrying rockets and faster than conventional planes.
The other planets may eventually collide with one another or be ejected out of the solar system if a star passing through our solar system changed Neptune's orbit by just 0.1 percent. This essentially means that the Earth and the entire solar system can collapse if this happens to Neptune.
Researchers have created a highly realistic model of the activities that occur outside the event horizon using three supercomputer clusters, solving the mystery of black holes.
A new study sponsored by the University of California is questioning existing theories on Mars' origins after discovering a new finding in a 200-year-old chassingy meteorite.
According to scientists from the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), a supermassive black hole is pointing directly at Earth and sending powerful radiation towards it.
The five paying visitors on Blue Origin's latest journey paid $28 million each, yet the visits lasted only minutes. Here are some photos of the hotel in space that Jeff Bezos is building called Orbital Reef.
During US Senate Select Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing in March 2017, DNI (Director of National Intelligence) and CIA Director pick Dan Coats were shocked to learn that India could launch more than a hundred satellites into space on a single rocket. The director then proposes to develop defensive and offensive capabilities to counter India's technological edge in space.
The situation between the United States and Russia has been deteriorating by the second. The circumstances have worsened to the point that now Russia is threatening to leave a US astronaut and abandon space station as well.