Authorities discovered dead dogs, turtles, lizards, birds, snakes, mice, rats, and rabbits in the freezer of a person undergoing investigation. The man responsible was arrested after a total of 183 dead animals were found in his freezer, with some even frozen alive.
Using the data from a study by Gallup, a list of America's most and least trusted professions was created, with nurses, followed by doctors, and pharmacists, being the most trusted professionals in the country.
A yet-to-be-formalized California bill called the Journalism Usage Fee would force internet sites like Facebook to pay news outlets for news content.
Youtuber Trevor Jacob pleaded guilty to deliberately crashing his plane in the California mountains for views in 2021. In December 2021 Trevor Jacob uploaded a video to YouTube titled "I Crashed My Airplane," a 12-minute video...
Luca Zaia, the head of the Veneto region, has revealed that an investigation has been launched after Venice's Grand Canal turned bright green. Residents of Venice, Italy woke up to a mysterious bright green patch...
The second-largest petroleum producer in the world, Saudi Arabia is planning a shift from Energy to Entertainment with the construction of an engineering marvel which could be the next big thing in extreme tourism called The Rig. The proposed project is just one piece of Saudi Vision 2030.
The annual rankings from the Economist Intelligence Unit list the most livable cities in the world in the year 2022.
A study about the dirtiest cities in America in 2023 was conducted, with Houston topping the list and Virginia Beach, Virginia, being the cleanest place in the US.
From the proposed recycling of the shell of Madison Square Garden into a new train hall for Pennsylvania Station in New York City to turning the Domino Sugar Factory on Brooklyn’s waterfront into a viable commercial space, architect Vishaan Chakrabarti, with roots in Kolkata and Murshidabad, is transforming the skyline of New York.
The latest ultra-woke ad, produced by Dove, promotes clinically obese women and attempts to change beauty standards in video games. For those wondering why so many major corporations are jumping onto the woke advertising...