After Synchron was given the go-ahead by the American Food and Drug Administration last year, the first patient from the United States was treated at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York in July 2022. This is synchron switch, the brain computer interface.
When you think about location data on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, what comes to mind? Mailing addresses? Postal codes? These data indicate where you live, where you work, and the places you visit.
Ludwig Guttmann is a German neurologist who is renowned for his contributions to the field of medicine, particularly in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries. Born in Tost, Upper Silesia (now Toszek, Poland) on July 3, 1899, Guttmann began his medical studies in the 1920s and quickly developed an interest in neurology. Here's everything you need to know about Ludwig Guttmann, the German neurologist.
In a recent paper, University of California College of Law Professor Veena Dubal said rideshare apps promote 'algorithmic wage discrimination' by personalizing wages for each driver based on data they gather from them.
Researchers in Switzerland have revealed in a study published in the journal Nature that a paralyzed man named Gert-Jan Oskam can walk naturally again with brain and spine implants. “For 12 years I’ve been...
According to the official Xinhua News Agency, China is drilling a 32,808-feet-deep hole into the Earth's crust, which is set to be China's deepest borehole ever. Chinese scientists have begun drilling a 10,000-meter (32,808...
Russia's defence minister Sergei Shoigu has revealed his desire to clone 3,000-year-old army of ancient warriors from remains found in Siberia. This site is located in the Valley of the Kings in Tuva.
The theory proposed by some scientists who believe there could be an ‘anti-universe’ next to ours where time runs backwards is quite odd to say the least. But there is a lot out there in the universe that we humans are yet to explore.
A new study co-authored by Jiuhua Chen finds Earth's molten iron core may be rusting and may cause a layer to have formed that exhibits unique seismic signatures.
Scientists have discovered a mystery 4,000 foot coral reef in the middle of an Australian desert. Researchers' efforts to understand more about the origins of our solar system and of Earth itself may benefit from further investigation of the Nullarbor region's geology.