The first UK houses where appliances are fuelled by hydrogen are due to be opened by April. Authorities are hoping that buildings will offer the public with a hint into the potential future home. The main aim of the plan is to develop a town heated by hydrogen gas entirely by the end of this decade.
The LHC will function at a greater energy and, thanks to considerable enhancements in the injector system, will send considerably more data to the improved LHC experiments. The scientists are going to use the said features to begin hunt for a fifth force of nature as Large Hadron Collider fires up for the first time in three years.
A new study sponsored by the University of California is questioning existing theories on Mars' origins after discovering a new finding in a 200-year-old chassingy meteorite.
Direct potable reuse (DPR) eliminates the environmental buffer stage from IPR, saving time, money, and energy. In some instances, water is delivered directly to taps. This is not as uncommon as you might think as, if you live in one of these states, there's already recycled sewage in your drinking water.
French scientists have determined more that 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust particles reach earth every year. It comes from asteroids or comets. These extraterrestrial particles have been collected from a Franco-Italian Antarctic station.
The advent of quantum technology poses a substantial risk to current security systems, and the country that manages to operate these technologies first will considerably shift the balance of power in its favor. In such an atmosphere, the news that DRDO has made a huge breakthrough in quantum technology is sending ripples across the globe.
Russia is planning to launch a Russian alternative to Wikipedia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Language Council on November 5 that unlike Wikipedia, a digital version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia could become...
World’s first electric wingsuit has taken flight with BMW. The wingsuit can be powered by renewable energy, similar to the BMW I brand, which is the automaker's line of completely electric cars.
The superworms, Zophobas morio, are little recycling plants that shred the polystyrene with their jaws and feed it to their stomach bacteria. Take a look at how these plastic eating superworms can solve the plastic recycling problem.
Owing to their environment-friendly attributes and high efficiency in the electricity generation, Fuel cells are gaining popularity for Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) production, such as forklifts, automobiles, airplanes and buses. However, one of the challenges that the industry is facing regarding the mass-production and large-scale application of FCVs is the high cost involved in producing fuel cell catalysts.