Prof. Polina Stepensky, head of the department at Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, has announced a groundbreaking treatment for multiple myeloma cancer. The treatment has a 90% success rate. Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s...
According to the project team with the National University of Defense Technology, China has tested using 6G terahertz to hunt US submarines. Researchers claim that China has tested the...
It has been detected previously that animals shed DNA, known as eDNA from their bodies into the environment. It was also previously detected in water, snow and soil, but not in the air. Now, scientists have found that human and animal DNA can be collected from air too. Scientists say this study can prove beneficial in studying contagious diseases like COVID-19, elusive animals, criminal investigations, forensic science and archaeology.
The advent of quantum technology poses a substantial risk to current security systems, and the country that manages to operate these technologies first will considerably shift the balance of power in its favor. In such an atmosphere, the news that DRDO has made a huge breakthrough in quantum technology is sending ripples across the globe.
Scientists led by Maria Tsekhmistrenko of Oxford University say that there's a Titanic-sized underground tree that feeds Earth's volcanoes.
A new article published in the journal Science Advances reveals a small device called MOXIE, which is currently on Mars and is generating as much oxygen as a small tree.
An entirely new way of measuring time has been discovered by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden that doesn't require a specific starting point.
A study published by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the journal Science Robotics revealed that they have invented a 3D robotic human heart that looks and pumps exactly like the real thing.
At a time when scientists are trying to find water on other planets and their moons, NASA has made a big revelation. According to a tweet by NASA Sun and Space, one or more of Uranus' moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces. "One or more of Uranus’ moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces, according to new findings," the tweet read.
India has approved the National Quantum Mission in a meeting of the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The project is expected to cost ₹6,000 crore.