A man in Vancouver, Canada was somehow able to get into someone else’s Tesla Model 3 and drive off with it only by using the Tesla app in his own phone. Rajesh Randev told Global News he thought he was getting into his own Tesla since the car he took was the same color as his.
According to Prabal Saxena, a planetary researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the moon could be hosting life, and scientists suggest that we could have potentially introduced life there.
The use of microchip implants on the hand that record COVID certificate status is being advocated for by a Swedish biohacker who also advocates for human augmentation. The implanted chip could be accessed even from a cell phone that has the ability to display a digital COVID certificate.
Russia is planning to launch a Russian alternative to Wikipedia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Language Council on November 5 that unlike Wikipedia, a digital version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia could become...
DMTx is a program that offers extended-state experiences with the psychedelic drug DMT. The concept behind DMTx is based on a 2016 paper in Frontiers in Physiology, which outlines a method for maintaining a stable concentration of DMT in the brain through intravenous infusion.
A new IVF procedure called mitochondrial donation treatment (MDT) has resulted in the birth of the first UK baby with DNA from three people. The first UK baby created with DNA from three people...
More than ever, the globe is in need of energy. We require a lot of energy for daily tasks, such as keeping warm and cozy in our rooms, lighting our homes, and traveling to work. To address this, an Indian scientist is creating a piece of the Sun on the Earth.
The International Commission on Radiological Protection has provided data which shows the elements that make up the human body and the percentage they constitute.
According to the Ookla Speed Test Report for 2023 so far, Singapore, UAE, Chile, China, and Denmark have the fastest internet.
Missouri House Bill 1169 has prompted the US to announce a task force to conduct a fact and science-based assessment of the issue of mRNA vaccines for cattle.