In the movie Jurassic Park, reconstructing and tweaking genetic material makes it possible to bring dinosaurs back to life. Today, a technology that manipulates animal genomes, called gene drive, has become a reality. The goal, however, is not to revive long-gone species, but to eliminate invasive ones.
The European Commission has announced that LUMI, the fastest and most efficient supercomputer in Europe, has been launched in Finland.
A doctor has, for the first time, successfully transplanted a 3D printed ear made from a patient’s own cells using 3DBio Therapeutics.
Scientists led by Maria Tsekhmistrenko of Oxford University say that there's a Titanic-sized underground tree that feeds Earth's volcanoes.
Several American businesses, including Forever Energy of Bellevue, Washington, have been vying for the Department of Energy's approval to manufacture the breakthrough batteries, but the US gave that battery technology to China.
Visualized below is how cultured meat will virtually eliminate the need for animals to be farmed for food and the science behind it.
China is poised to launch its first artificial moon after its artificial Sun achieved temperatures five times higher than that of the actual Sun. An "artificial moon" research facility has been developed by scientists. The facility will enable them in employing magnetism to conduct low-gravity situations.
The superworms, Zophobas morio, are little recycling plants that shred the polystyrene with their jaws and feed it to their stomach bacteria. Take a look at how these plastic eating superworms can solve the plastic recycling problem.
It was not until 1981 when microscopes capable of seeing individual atoms were produced. They gave a boost to the concept of nanotechnology. Since then, the field has seen massive advancements to the point that now experts claim that nanobots will be flowing through your body by 2030.
The particle experiment which revealed the shocking result that a W boson has higher mass than expected by theories could spark a physics revolution.