Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Maritime police in northwest France found nearly a ton of cocaine washed up on a beach on the English Channel on Feb. 26.
Fentanyl binds to brain receptors and produces a numbing, euphoric, and sedative sensation. Scientists are now developing a Fentanyl vaccine for opioid that kills 200 Americans a day.
According to an unknown official, the weapons sent to Kiev have been found in the possession of Mexican cartels and Hamas. A law enforcement official informed TASS that some...
A criminal case trial against Credit Suisse for cocaine trafficking has begun in Switzerland. Despite strong indications that the funds were of criminal origin, a former Credit Suisse official carried out conducting transactions for the ring.
The Indian Police has charged Amazon executive directors for running an online marijuana smuggling racket. Investigation found that around a tonne of ganja worth over Rs. 1.10 crores was in distribution via online shopping platform Amazon over the past four months.
When four Americans were kidnapped in the Mexican hot zone of Matamoros, on the border of Brownsville, Texas, last Friday — with two of them ending up dead — it was, apparently, ultra-violent business as usual for the area where the Gulf Cartel and its rival Zetas often engage in bloody battle.
Half a ton of cocaine worth more than $50 million and said to be 80% pure was seized from an espresso factory in Switzerland by local cops.
Controversial Punjab Police Officer Rajjit Singh, who was posted as Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of NRI affairs, has been dismissed for his role in the drug trade and is facing a vigilance probe into the sources of his wealth.
Two people have been detained in connection with the discovery of a lab producing the illicit drug ecstasy (MDMA) on a Belgian NATO installation that holds nuclear weapons, according to prosecutors.
66 kg drugs worth Rs 350 crore has been seized near Khambhalia in Devbhoomi Dwarka district of Gujarat. One person from the neighboring state of Rajasthan has also been arrested in the joint operation conducted by ATS, LCB and SOG.