According to ABC7 News, Gov. Newsom activates the National Guard and Highway Patrol to combat San Francisco's drug crisis. Gov. Gavin Newsom has called up the California Highway Patrol and the California National Guard...
Controversial Punjab Police Officer Rajjit Singh, who was posted as Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of NRI affairs, has been dismissed for his role in the drug trade and is facing a vigilance probe into the sources of his wealth.
Maritime police in northwest France found nearly a ton of cocaine washed up on a beach on the English Channel on Feb. 26.
The Slow Motion Drug Zombies Of San Francisco
A criminal case trial against Credit Suisse for cocaine trafficking has begun in Switzerland. Despite strong indications that the funds were of criminal origin, a former Credit Suisse official carried out conducting transactions for the ring.
A designated Global Terrorist and Opium King, Abdul Rashid Baluch has been released in a US-brokered Taliban-India prisoner swap. The Afghan Taliban have confirmed that it has freed at least three Indian hostages in exchange for the release of...
California authorities havr seized enough fentanyl to kill 20 million Americans. Fentanyl has a potency of 50 to 100 times that of morphine.
The Indian Police has charged Amazon executive directors for running an online marijuana smuggling racket. Investigation found that around a tonne of ganja worth over Rs. 1.10 crores was in distribution via online shopping platform Amazon over the past four months.
The Taliban generated upwards of $400 million selling the narcotic between 2018 and 2019. But in what seems to be a shift in policies, the Taliban have now banned opium cultivation in Afghanistan.
A US trained ex Air India pilot was among the cartel arrested for smuggling drugs into India. The detained pilot, Sohail Gaffar, had previously worked for Air India. Sohail Gaffar, a trained American, is said to have left his position a few years ago, citing health issues.