Drug Lords Of Dubai

Dubai has long been a haven for some of the most notorious drug lords in Europe and has a history of protecting European criminals, particularly those involved in the cocaine trade. Submitted By Georgia...
The Mexican TV channel Milenio published an article titled 'Mexican cartels prepare for war; they have military-grade ROCKET LAUNCHERS' that showed a drug cartel spotted with an anti-tank rocket launcher near Texas. The Mexican...
According to ABC7 News, Gov. Newsom activates the National Guard and Highway Patrol to combat San Francisco's drug crisis. Gov. Gavin Newsom has called up the California Highway Patrol and the California National Guard...
According to a new report, an Indian-origin man named Tangaraju Suppiah will be executed in Singapore over drug trafficking.
Controversial Punjab Police Officer Rajjit Singh, who was posted as Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of NRI affairs, has been dismissed for his role in the drug trade and is facing a vigilance probe into the sources of his wealth.
Toronto is asking the federal government to grant a Health Canada exemption for all drugs, including Fentanyl and Crack, and to legalize it even for children.
Farmers in Madhya Pradesh are fighting an altogether different kind of bird attack -- parrots flying high with opium.
The drugs made by Baby Patankar were acknowledged as the best in the Greater Mumbai area, but the infamous drug dealer has now quit.
When four Americans were kidnapped in the Mexican hot zone of Matamoros, on the border of Brownsville, Texas, last Friday — with two of them ending up dead — it was, apparently, ultra-violent business as usual for the area where the Gulf Cartel and its rival Zetas often engage in bloody battle.
On the morning of July 25, 2020, Matthew Thomas took what he believed was a Percocet, a prescription drug for pain relief. He died moments later, a victim of fentanyl poisoning.