The EU have established an intelligence center in Spain which might prove to be the first major step toward a more organized European military intervention in Ukraine. The main purpose of the said satellite center is to monitor the Russian troops and their movements.
Former national security advisor John Bolton stated a coworker encountered disorientation, ringing in his ears, and an inability to speak or think clearly. He is one among many US national security officials targeted with mysterious electromagnetic weapon who experienced unexplainable neurological symptoms in and around the White House.
Audio tape released by former US official reveals the association of mysterious sound with Havana syndrome. The audio recording was made by a former US official in Cuba.
The Washington Post has always been a CIA asset. The CIA used the Washington Post to orchestrate the Watergate narrative used to drive President Nixon out of office.
On Friday, Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion relating to a defense firm’s potential conflict of interest in the Michael Sussmann case. The conflict itself is certainly intriguing, with Sussmann’s lawyers at Latham & Watkins LLP (Latham) having represented potential witnesses in the case, including Perkins Coie, former Perkins Coie (and Clinton Campaign general counsel) Marc Elias, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and Hillary for America.
An executive exploited his access in order to come up with a narrative linking Trump to Russia, suggests court filings, providing sufficient material to suspect that the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to link Trump to Russia.
The 4th Mossad commander has resigned in under a year, according to the media. The commander has already been replaced. Since Barnea took over as head of Mossad from Yossi Cohen, a top Mossad member has quit four times in seven months.
According to reports a Chinese spy named Christine Ching Kui Lee has infiltrated the British Parliament. Extreme caution has been advised for anyone who comes into contact with the said spy.
After repeatedly accusing Google of ignoring Russian laws on obscenity, Russia has dramatically escalated its long-running battle with major US-based internet platforms. On Friday a Moscow court imposed an unprecedented fine of almost $100 million on Google for corrupting minors with porn, propaganda and transgenderism.
The Nagaland police, in their preliminary report on the killings of civilians, hinted at a possible cover-up of the macabre action by the security forces. The police report says that the Special Forces were seen dressing up the victims in khaki clothes to cover-up the killings.