The FSB reported that members of "National Socialism/White Power" an international neo-Nazi organization, have been apprehended in connection with a plot to murder Vladimir Solovyev. With this capture, the CIA plot to assassinate Russian journalists has been foiled.
Two Russian oligarchs have wound up dead, one of whom was found dead in his Moscow apartment on Monday from a gunshot wound and the other was discovered dead 2,000 miles away in Spain.
Recently released court filings (read below) and press reports suggest that the two men apprehended for impersonating federal agents last week in Washington, D.C., might have been part of an Iranian assassination team whose mission was to kill former high-ranking U.S. officials. Yet even as the Biden administration became aware of a possible Iranian plot to kill Americans on American soil—an act of war—White House aides continued to negotiate the restoration of the Iran nuclear deal while seeking to accommodate the clerical regime’s thirst for revenge against former Trump administration officials: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Special Envoy for Iran Brian Hook, and National Security Advisor John Bolton.
Ever since commencement of the conflict, Abramovich has been mediating talks between Moscow and Kyiv. However, Roman Abramovich was poisoned after brokering peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.
The Kremlin has disputed US media claims that Russia had compiled a list of Ukrainians to kidnap or murder in the event of a conflict. But it would appear that currently, a few Russian assassination squads are hunting Zelensky.
It has been reported that the Ukrainian Security Service has assassinated its own delegation memmber at talks with Russia on suspicion of high treason.
'They can appear from the shadows, do very violent things and then disappear again, without it being obvious who was responsible,' these were the words used to describe the 400 mercenaries Putin assigned to assassinate the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to British media.
The US blockade of Cuba and the Cold War with the USSR could have both ended in 1963 had President John Fitzgerald Kennedy not been assassinated, filmmaker Oliver Stone said in an exclusive interview.
As the investigation into Moïse’s murder unfolds, the U.S. is laying the groundwork to deploy troops into Haiti for the fourth time in 106 years, at the request of a figure it has spent decades grooming.
The mysterious plot that led to the brazen assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse — apparently without significant resistance from his own guards — has taken on the dimensions of an international affair, bringing together Colombian former military commandos traversing the Dominican Republic, the two Haitian Americans from South Florida and triggering a standoff at the Embassy of Taiwan.