During its 2023 Davos conference, the World Economic Forum will host a press conference on its “Building The Metaverse Initiative,” and release key “studies” and details about its efforts to further facilitate what appears to amount to a global surveillance network, according to documents reviewed by The Dossier.
It is proposed that the metaverse creates virtual spaces where people from all over the world can meet and share their experiences. So far, this is the architecture of the metaverse.
As with any new technological development, the future of immersive digital worlds is still an open question. However, luxury fashion houses are funneling millions into the metaverse. But to what end?
Given the current state of affairs and the massive sums of money that mega-corporations are investing in the metaverse, it is inevitable that some members of the human population will use virtual reality for work, education, and/or sex. This virtual 'Teslasuit' could make 'sex in metaverse' possible.
The global metaverse market is projected to exceed $280 billion by 2025. Now, a metaverse company has appointed a robot as a female CEO.
A selfie in the $10 billion metaverse, taken by Mark Zuckerberg during the launch of Horizon Worlds in France and Spain, was mocked by Twitter users for the graphics.
The creators announced in a blog post that Decentraland is launching the world’s first metaverse ATM in collaboration with Transak payment gateway and the Metaverse Architects studio.
Hong Kong university is set to inaugurate a mixed reality classroom within the Metaverse. The university intends to create a learning environment that virtually unites the two campuses—in Hong Kong and Guangzhou—by constructing MetaHKUST.
Dubai’s metaverse plan targets 40,000 virtual jobs in five years. The government wants to create infrastructure and rules to hasten the adoption of these technologies as well as establish international standards for creating safe and secure platforms for users.
An initiative has just been launched by Union Bank of India in partnership with Tech Mahindra to enter the Metaverse called Uni-verse.