Farmers across the world are in open revolt against their governments. In India, thousands of farmers have stormed New Delhi, alleging collusion between the Prime Minister and major agricultural corporations. In the Netherlands, new restrictions on nitrogen emissions from fertilizer that threaten to destroy farmers’ livelihoods have driven battalions of tractors into the streets—and conflicts with the police. In Sri Lanka, the President’s sudden decision to ban chemical fertilizers and impose universal organic farming recently led to massive protests and the collapse of their government. Similar environmentalist policies are about to be imposed in Ireland and Canada, where just last year truckers shut down the city of Ottawa over COVID vaccination mandates.
Macao on China's south coast has the fastest internet speeds on average, with a staggering 262.74 Mbps. Now, here's a list of the countries with the fastest internet.
The "Global Liveability Index" which assesses and contrasts the vastly differing quality of life of each city's inhabitants, is the foundation of the study by which the list of the world's most livable cities is chosen.
A July poll found that over 19% of millennials had consumed a beverage containing THC. As such, alcohol free weed mocktails are emerging as a new healthier alternative.
A Scottish island is on sale for the price of a 2-BHK in Mumbai, listed with real estate agency Knight Frank.
A 75-mile long skyscraper called The Mirror Line project is being planned to be built by Saudi Arabia, announced Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Okinawa has been famous as a place where people live well into old age, but that began to change in the years after the war. How Japan's record life expectancy declined after adopting a western lifestyle is a cautionary tale for all.
Cruise ships offer many of the essential elements older Americans need to thrive: organized activities, a decent level of medical care and, most crucially, a built-in community of like-minded travelers.  Upgraded connectivity has also allowed semi-retired cruisers to make a cruise ship their new retirement home.
Before SpaceX bought up the majority of the properties and launched enormous rockets from its beach-front test facility two miles away, Boca Chica was a peaceful retirement community.. But now, it has turned into something else entirely as we take a look at photos of Elon Musk's $50,000 house in rural Texas.