Three people have died of a mystery illness in Tanzania. Tanzanian medical professionals are looking into the unidentified disease that killed three individuals in the country.
A Kerala Vaidyar created an Ayurvedic soap that costs $10,000 after shipping to Iran, plus all other costs where it is in high demand.
Doctors in the city on Tuesday attributed the severity of H3N2 infection among patients, especially children, to limited exposure to viruses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The observation followed data from private laboratories in the city, which showed that H3N2 was currently the dominating virus in the city, as seen globally, overtaking SARS-CoV-2 and H1N1.
An explosive new study published in the journal Heliyon comprises a review of 43 previously published studies on exposure to CO2, mask-wearing, and pregnancy. The study finds that face masks may increase stillbirths, testicular dysfunction, and cognitive decline in kids.
According to John Campbell, Ph.D., who reported on his YouTube show, the UK has committed $1 billion to the development of Moderna mRNA flu vaccine, despite the fact that the vaccine is still in very early clinical...
According to a new accusation by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Fauci was smuggled' into CIA Headquarters to influence" the COVID-19 origins investigation. According to the House...
12 kids were given drops of hand sanitizer instead of polio vaccine drops due to utter negligence by the health care authorises.
According to a new analysis by a group opposed to publicly-funded animal research, federal grant winners breached the law by investing an approximate $246 million in taxpayer cash on cannabis and e-cigarette animal tests. Taxpayers paid an approximate $1.5 million for pregnant mice to be treated with marijuana metabolites in the research.
In 90% of cases, back discomfort is not caused by tissue injury but rather by sensitivity in the back structures. Rather, back pain is more likely to persist due to anxiety than bad posture.
Seattle School District #1 filed a lawsuit on Friday seeking a judge to rule that big tech had caused a disturbance and seeks monetary damages in addition to funding to prevent and treat the overuse of social media. With this, Seattle schools are effectively suing big tech over youth mental health crisis.