While drugs like Viagra and Cialis have been traditionally used to treat ED, new research suggests that these drugs may also have benefits for heart health. Viagra lowers the risk of heart disease in men by up to 39 percent.
The vinyl chloride page on the CDC website has also recently undergone changes some days Before Ohio Train Derailment. An older version shows a FAQ page that was longer and more in-depth prior to the revisions.
According to a study published in the Lancet in September, mRNA has been detected in breast milk after the COVID-19 vaccination. The mRNA from COVID-19 immunizations "spreads systemically" throughout...
The KFD pathogen can be fatal. The jab meant to counteract it, however, lost its effectiveness as the regulator dozed off. This is the ugly truth about a vaccine that didn’t work.
Doctors now want to screen every single American child over the age of eight for anxiety, even if they don't present with symptoms. The new recommendations might lead to a spike in the number of anti-anxiety prescriptions.
The video of a shocking incident, which was caught on camera, where Ujjain Mahakal Temple Priest's 17-year-old son died of a heart attack while performing sword stunts, has gone viral.
Alzheimer's disease, which is more commonly characterized by memory loss, can also result in seizures. However, a groundbreaking nasal spray could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and stop epileptic seizures.
Population Control Law is actually Agenda 21 which is a British policy to reduce the population of former colonies like India through various sterilization projects and other policies implemented through the United Nations and popularised by Hollywood to effectively...
This is how flawed vaccination policies implemented by the WHO in 1970s led to polio paralysis in India.
Scientists said that the DNA, known as extrachromosomal DNA or ecDNA and nicknamed 'Bond villain', could transform cancer treatment.