Sunday, May 26, 2024
The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has launched ballistic missiles against foreign 'espionage centers' in Iraq near the US Consulate. In what seems to be a significant uptick from...
Arab nations largely think of Russia's military operation in Ukraine as a response to Western disregard for its concerns. Responses vary, with some supporting Russia, and others denouncing adherence to international law. Many advocate a diplomatic resolution.
The Pentagon has formally ordered the total withdrawal of 1,000 US combat soldiers from Niger, impacting counterterrorism efforts and Russian influence in West Africa, amid ongoing discussions with Nigerien authorities.
Social media posts suggest that the US is deploying an anti-air defense system, C-RAM, on the Gaza Aid Pier. This follows an incident where two American soldiers were injured and some aid trucks were reportedly taken over...
Israel, Iran, the US and Russia are engaged in secret talks for Israel’s acceptance of Iran as a nuclear threshold power in return for a US-Russian guarantee that Tehran will not cross the threshold to make a nuclear bomb.
After European Union prohibited the selling and leasing of planes to Russian airlines the Russian government might decide to nationalize Boeing and Airbus jets.
The situation between the United States and Russia has been deteriorating by the second. The circumstances have worsened to the point that now Russia is threatening to leave a US astronaut and abandon space station as well.
The official narrative around the biolabs is that policymakers in the United States became concerned about the possibility of terrorists stealing biological materials. Here we take a full look into Pentagon's version of Ukraine biolabs.
The United States has committed terrible war crimes which haven't been investigated since World War 2. We've assembled a small list of US war crimes that haven't been investigated since 1945 to refresh the Ukrainian president's memory.
For the very first time in its existence, G20 find themselves in a scenario where its very own members were raising problems rather than mitigating them. The West may have just killed the G20.