According to an article by Politico, Washington is making a fortune from the Ukraine War by using it to benefit American defense contractors.
A lawyer in a suit is seen in a Telegram video bringing a violin case into the empty room and setting it down on a table. Russia's Wagner Group essentially sends a bloodied sledgehammer to the EU.
Amir-Abdollahian emphasized that Iran and the United States continue to disagree on crucial topics in order to resurrect the 2015 nuclear deal. The conspiracy to split up Iran, foment terrorism and the civil war has failed, according to Iran's FM.
Following the international exposure of unlawful Chinese police service stations, the Irish government was the first to request the closure of a Chinese foreign police station. Now, others seem to be following, as Netherlands orders closure of 2 illegal Chinese police stations.
In the final days of this lame-duck Congress, before control of the House passes to Republicans in January, Democrats are expected to approve Joe Biden’s request for another $38 billion for the Kyiv regime, its army and its war. Passage of this legislation would virtually guarantee that the U.S. continues to finance this war and extend the fighting until spring.
The New York Times has reported that the US wants Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian-Ukrainian deputy prime minister and finance minister of Canada, as the next NATO chief.
The Biden administration is attempting to keep up the pressure on sanctions while preventing a global economic catastrophe. Bloomberg has revealed that the White House is privately asking US banks to work with Russia.
No matter who runs for office, no matter who controls the White House, Senate or the House of Representatives now or in the future, “we the people” have already lost.
Some countries in Latin America appear to find Beijing's approach appealing after decades of US mistreatment. This is how China is moving into Washington's hemisphere.
Here, concisely, is the open “secret” of our current geopolitical incandescence. Washington’s number one priority is the containment of China. That implies blocking the EU from getting closer to the key Eurasia drivers - China, Russia, and Iran – engaged in building the world’s largest free trade/connectivity environment.