All administrations attempt to put a certain amount of spin on reality. They tried to paint things in the most positive light. The Biden administration has taken this to an entirely new level. It has dispensed with reality entirely. It has created a completely fictional universe.
Pope warns that Germany might pose a threat to the unity of the church. Signs of this have already appeared as the Nordic bishops underlined their anxiety at the German process in an open letter in March.
The era of Western dominance is ending, says former UK PM Tony Blair. In order for the West to remain relevant in the new environment, it must come up with a shared strategy that is pursued with coordination, commitment and competence.
In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo acknowledged that India will continue rejecting US and EU calls to boycott Russian oil due to the allure of cheap oil.
Purnima Anand, the chair of the Forum, said that at the 14th BRICS summit they discussed the possibility of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey joining BRICS very soon.
Satellite images show China blowing up mock a Japan warplane. There is growing concern that a potential Chinese annexation of Taiwan would seriously jeopardize Japan's security and spark a larger confrontation.
This week, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia to talk about the world's oil shortage. A question that has been raised is if Biden can break the alliance between Saudi Arabia and Russia?
A new decree which offers full citizenship to all Ukrainians angered the Ukrainian government and was signed by Putin, leading to speculation that one of Putin's military objectives is the complete annexation of all areas captured by Russian forces.
India and Russia have been brought even closer due to the sanctions regime and trade disputes that happened as a result of the Ukraine crisis.
Due to geopolitical concerns and exorbitant costs, Gazprom has abandoned the construction of a gas pipeline to India and Japan.