Earlier, GreatGameIndia reported how a Black Swan event could trigger $100 billion capital outflows from India. Now, we see that India's biggest ever IPO of LIC has incurred a loss of over $18 billion.
Since the high of the indexes in October 2021, the markets have fallen by almost 17%. Taking the current volatile situation into consideration, a black swan event might just trigger $100 billion capital outflows from India, warns the RBI.
Around six Chinese enterprises involved in manufacturing, fintech, and telecommunications have been seized by the Income Tax authorities. As this scandal unveils, a total of 400 chartered accountants are now under the scanner for flouting norms to incorporate Chinese shell companies.
Fortunes of the richest people in the world's are declining. The 500 wealthiest individuals lost a combined total of $1.4 trillion this year alone.
According to a new report, atleast 8,000 super rich Indians are expected to migrate out of the country this year owing to a multitude of reasons.
With The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism, Michael Hudson, one of the world’s leading independent economists, has given us arguably the ultimate handbook on where we’re at, who’s in charge, and whether we can bypass them.
From the power corridors of governance to sprawling airports to packed trains to crowded bus stops to late-afternoon village gatherings to cocktail parties to noisy multiplexes to glass offices to chaotic stock markets to roadside juice centres to shopping malls to regressive sweatshops to dirty jails to cacophonic newsrooms to busy courthouses to ration queues to parents’ huddles in schools to Covid vaccination centres to sports stadiums to the quiet privacy of your drawing room – the Great Indian Religion Debate has invaded everything under the hot Indian summer sun.
US lawmakers will launch a probe into Saudi Arabia’s $2 billion investment in Jared Kushner’s firm.
Pakistan has asked for IMF bailout to avoid an imminent collapse. In contrast to many African and South American countries, a collapse in Pakistan might have global consequences.
The West has chastised India for its continuous procurement of Russian oil. However, there is no end in sight for India's partnership with Russia as Russian oil exports to India have jumped 25x thanks to western sanctions.