Chile's President Gabriel Boric has stunned markets and EV makers by nationalizing the lithium industry overnight.
In a written reply in Lok Sabha, the minister Dr. Jitendra Singh announced that India has approved the installation of 10 new nuclear reactors in five states.
Employees at Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigerian joint venture orchestrated damage to oil pipelines to profit from the money spent on clean-up operations, investigation by Dutch investigative TV programme Zembla has revealed. Employees of Shell in Nigeria ordered the vandalization of...
Data from Electricity Maps and the IEA has been used to map Europe's biggest sources of electricity by country.
Owing to the rise in crude oil prices, a record rise in the petrol and diesel prices is regularly experienced across India in 2021. A record rise in the price of coal and natural gas is also seen amid an intensifying energy shortage. Why are fuel prices rising and how rising global fuel prices are impacting India?
Gazprom and Iran sign a tentative $40BN energy deal as Russia threatens the Europe gas supply. Gazprom will help the NIOC construct six oil fields in addition to the offshore gas reserves in the Kish and North Pars regions.
The Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange said that China has settled the first LNG energy deal in Yuan with the United Arab Emirates.
Walmart has announced its plans to build a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network in a press release on its website.
Reliance has announced to invest $50 million in Breakthrough Energy Ventures owned by Bill Gates and George Soros.
Sri Lankan locals are desperately looking for someone to criticize for their current situation, and they have narrowed it down to Beijing and its debt diplomacy. The situation has deteriorated to the point that Sri Lanka is turning off street lights as the energy crisis worsens.