The decision by Russia to transfer ownership of Sakhalin-2, one of the largest LNG projects in the world, might kick out the West from key energy deals as a reply to the sanctions.
According to SPIEGEL information, high explosive devices equivalent to 500 kilogrammes of TNT were used to destroy Nord Stream.
A team of Finnish scientists estimated that the world needs 69% of its primary energy from solar farms for achieving net-zero goals. This estimation was made 2 years ago stating there may be a need for more solar farms. As per the agreement Sahara was chosen to be a suitable option and scientists want to turn the Sahara desert into a giant energy farm with solar panels.
Gazprom and Iran sign a tentative $40BN energy deal as Russia threatens the Europe gas supply. Gazprom will help the NIOC construct six oil fields in addition to the offshore gas reserves in the Kish and North Pars regions.
India has lost its $3-billion bet on Iran regarding the giant Farzad-B gas field in Farsi block. The Indian state run oil companies discovered this asset back in 2008 and since then the negotiations were being carried out by top leadership of both the countries.
Poland's government is embroiled in a political scandal for failing to increase the nation's coal reserves. But Poland isn't the only country that is facing a dreadful scenario, there is a looming coal crisis over all of Europe. For Poland and Germany in particular, a fuel shortage would be devastating.
Roughly 20% of electric vehicle owners in California replaced their cars with gas ones, a study shows. The main reason drivers said they made the switch was the inconvenience of charging. The findings suggest new challenges facing the growth of the nascent electric vehicle market.
Data from BP and Ember compiled by Our World in Data shows how water powers the world, with Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular, primarily relying on water power.
Facing energy crisis the Gujarat government has decided to buy power from Tata at a rate higher than mentioned in the purchase agreement. The move came after Adani’s plant at Mundra and Essar Power’s plant at Salaya stopped supplying power to Gujarat, after the prices of Indonesian coal doubled.
The Russia-Iran alliance wants as much control as possible over the two crucial components of the global supply matrix: gas supplied over land via pipelines and gas supplied via ships in liquefied natural gas (LNG), and so they are moving to create a global natural gas cartel.