US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the launch of a joint committee to develop a strategy for creating advanced nuclear reactors, which some claim is a plot to drive Russia out of...
Bill Gates, through his company TerraPower, plots to control nuclear energy by opening the Natrium plant in Wyoming in 2030. For the past 15 years, Bill Gates has been working on a project to open the...
Rita Baranwal, the top technology officer at Westinghouse Electricity Co., announced that the company has developed a mini-nuclear reactor, named AP300 for its planned 300-megawatt capacity. U.S. company Westinghouse unveiled plans on Thursday for...
Chile's President Gabriel Boric has stunned markets and EV makers by nationalizing the lithium industry overnight.
Walmart has announced its plans to build a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network in a press release on its website.
In a written reply in Lok Sabha, the minister Dr. Jitendra Singh announced that India has approved the installation of 10 new nuclear reactors in five states.
Scientists from NGRI conducted a survey in search of non-traditional rocks such as syenites in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, and were able to identify the host minerals for large deposits of 15 rare earth elements. This comes after the discovery of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange said that China has settled the first LNG energy deal in Yuan with the United Arab Emirates.
The downside of wind energy on Gujarat's coast is that the continuous motion of the blades creates a constant interplay of light and shadow, and occasional oil leaks can cause unpleasant odors.
A recent report announced that the African country of Chad has nationalized ExxonMobil's assets.