Tuesday, June 25, 2024
As a way of breaking US dollar hegemony, BRICS countries have started pushing for greater Bitcoin adoption.
The revelation was made by blogger Andy Baio, who wrote yesterday that Satoshi's original Bitcoin white paper is hidden in every copy of Mac OS.
According to a recent analysis from the Cato Institute assessment report published on Tuesday, Central Bank Digital Currencies are a foundational threat to America's economic systems.
CASH App founder and tech executive Bob Lee was brutally stabbed to death in a horrific attack in San Francisco.
According to CTV News Toronto, Ontario's crypto king Aiden Pleterski was kidnapped and tortured for about three days.
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have accused Sam Bankman-Fried of bribing Chinese government officials to unfreeze Alameda accounts.
Crypto analyst filbfilb on Twitter uses tops and bottoms to form a "Bitcoin price curve" to assess whether Bitcoin will reach $1 million in the next cycle.
Montenegro’s interior minister, Filip Adzic, revealed in a tweet that crypto fugitive Do Kwon was arrested in Montenegro with falsified documents.
Marshall Beard, the Chief Strategy Officer at the U.S.-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, said that Bitcoin could test new highs this year and reach $100,000.
A crypto exchange has suspended trading of cryptocurrencies dedicated to New York City and Miami, citing limited liquidity for the tokens.