Collective governance ultimately proved to be the downfall of Beanstalk. The entire crypto world is on edge after a string of hacks.
The Ripple case has revealed the full ambiguity of the country's laws and regulations regarding the regulation of not only XRP but all cryptocurrencies, which reveals the SEC's plot to crush the cryptocurrency market.
Russia is now one step closer to using Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, in international trade as Central Bank and the Finance Ministry agree on the draft bill. The two regulators have reached an agreement on a draft law declaring that, given the current economic climate, adopting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is essential for international trade.
According to a report by Axios Denver, Gov. Jared Polis announced that Colorado will become the first US state to accept Bitcoin as a method for paying taxes.
According to Bloomberg News, South Korea has launched a manhunt for Do Kwon, the founder of the collapsed stablecoin UST, along with five additional people.
After the Ethereum merge happens, Bitcoin will be the first target for regulations, as the perception of Bitcoin as a power hog is one of its major flaws.
The White House released a framework for CBDC development and stringent management of the environment in response to U.S. President Biden's executive order. This is the first time the White House has released its comprehensive crypto regulatory framework.
Greenpeace has intensified the campaign against Bitcoin following Ethereum's merge. The movement features a petition asking Fidelity, BlackRock, and other companies to convert Bitcoin away from PoW.
An estimation on the blog of the Ethereum Foundation claims that the merger will reduce total energy consumption by at least 99.95%, but not everyone is convinced of the advantages. We are witnessing Ethereum and its merge transition to the beacon chain.
The $258 billion lawsuit that claimed the price of Dogecoin was purposefully driven up by more than 36,000% over the course of two years by Elon Musk has expanded to six more defendants.