Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Goldman Sachs' entry into the bitcoin-backed loan market is sending ripples across the industry and marks a turning point for the industry in aspects of liquidity, legitimacy, and customer choice.
Mark Cuban and Elon Musk seem to believe that Dogecoin could defeat Twitter’s spam bots: Here’s how they plan on going about it.
An infographic by MSCI showing how swiftly decentralized solutions and services have grown in popularity hints at an impending blockchain revolution.
The African country of Central Africa Republic has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender alongside the CFA franc following the example of El Salvador.
Although the FX market has been generally stable over the last month, significant volumes of foreign currency purchases by banks pursuing overseas settlements create some additional pressure. As a solution to this, Ukraine has banned Bitcoin purchases with national currency amid martial law.
My thinking on stablecoins has evolved greatly since I started writing about them four years ago. There are things I’ve gotten right (their emergence as a killer app for blockchain), things I’ve gotten wrong (the viability of Dai), things I was early on (adoption for vanilla payments) and things I remain conflicted on, like the viability of the undercollateralized AKA algorithmic variety.
A crypto analyst warns that the stock market may trigger a crypto market crash. The present macro factors indicate that a huge correction is on the way, which might bring digital assets down with it.
According to Bitbo statistics, the 19 millionth bitcoin was just mined, having left just under 2 million BTC for miners to distribute into circulation as the Bitcoin infrastructure ticks through a predetermined issuance schedule till it approaches the 21 million supply limit and stops creating new bitcoin.
Bloomberg has reported that Exxon is now mining bitcoin with excess gas which will not only increase revenues but also help the environment.
The present volume and liquidity of the Bitcoin market raises doubts about whether the peer-to-peer currency can be extensively employed in global trade at this time. Nevertheless, Russia has chosen to accept Bitcoin and gold for natural gas.