An infographic by MSCI showing how swiftly decentralized solutions and services have grown in popularity hints at an impending blockchain revolution.
Just what is cryptojacking, the cyber attack carried out by crypto miners? Cryptojacking is a type of cyber assault in which a computing equipment is hijacked and operated by the perpetrator, and its capabilities are used to generate bitcoin illegally.
In a recent interview, the co-founder of the world’s largest crypto hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital, said they are begging for a bailout due to the Luna crash.
The paranoia over the possibility of their power being questioned is why China can’t handle bitcoin and has outright banned it.
Cristobal Pereira of the Latam Blockchain Summit announced that one of Panama's largest banks, Towerbank, has become Bitcoin-Friendly.
Russia is now one step closer to using Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, in international trade as Central Bank and the Finance Ministry agree on the draft bill. The two regulators have reached an agreement on a draft law declaring that, given the current economic climate, adopting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is essential for international trade.
FTX’s bankruptcy filing in the federal bankruptcy court on Thursday revealed many crazy things, like that most of FTX’s digital assets have not been secured.
The Bitcoin Vladimir Club was first suggested by a forum poster by the name of Vladimir in the Satoshi Nakamoto-founded public forum BitcoinTalk. However, not everything is known about it.
The Hedge Fund 3AC is under investigation for defrauding the crypto industry and has declared that it is assisting with ongoing investigations.
Proof-of-stake is becoming the norm for Ethereum! The Bellatrix upgrade is required to initially turn on the transition, referred to as The Merge, on the Beacon Chain. After that, when a certain Total Difficulty value is reached, the proof-of-work chain will switch to proof-of-stake. Here's the full Ethereum proof-of-stake The Merge plan.