According to its bankruptcy filing, Celsius owes its customers roughly $4.7 billion, and its balance sheet has a hole of about $1.2 billion. Let's take a look inside of Celsius' $25 billion bankruptcy filing.
The revelation was made by blogger Andy Baio, who wrote yesterday that Satoshi's original Bitcoin white paper is hidden in every copy of Mac OS.
The German intelligence service (BND) has released an NFT collection as a treasure hunt to recruit talent. German Intelligence Agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) has released a non-fungible token (NFT) collection...
Mark Cuban and Elon Musk seem to believe that Dogecoin could defeat Twitter’s spam bots: Here’s how they plan on going about it.
The CoinFlex-Ver tragedy is the most recent drama to develop as a result of the recent decline in cryptocurrency prices. Read the story of the person labelled as Bitcoin Jesus and the mystery investor behind $47 million CoinFlex debt.
Bitcoin is the foundation. Everything that happens, every technology, every tool, every innovation, such as Artificial Intelligence, enlarges the total Bitcoin pie. I know, I know. Your Twitter feed has probably been drowning in...
After the failures of Signature and Silvergate, both seen as friendly to crypto companies, no U.S. banks are willing to work with Binance.
Due to the growth of Bitcoin, several U.S. cities have emerged as hotspots for bitcoin enthusiasts; these are the five best.
According to reports, the Central Bank of Iran and the Russian government are working together to issue a new stablecoin that is backed by gold to be used in overseas trade.
The NFT developers stand to pocket $4.5 million if the collection sells out. It is unclear how much money Trump will make from the sales. Nevertheless, Trump makes a major announcement with $99 NFT trading cards.