Bitcoin's popularity grows year after year. By every criteria — financial value, adoption rates, transaction volume, you name it — Bitcoin is becoming popular. Fearing its capacity to upset the financial system, banks are trying to discredit Bitcoin and cryptourrency.
Bitcoin could continue to decline for an extended period of time due to the growing concern around the stability of global markets. Thus far, 80,000 Bitcoin millionaires have been wiped out in the great crypto crash of 2022.
Greenpeace has intensified the campaign against Bitcoin following Ethereum's merge. The movement features a petition asking Fidelity, BlackRock, and other companies to convert Bitcoin away from PoW.
The Bitcoin-friendly president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, said that his country plans to build the world's first Bitcoin City at a Bitcoin investment summit on Saturday.
Bitcoin is unique in that it is far more decentralized than the majority of web services we employ today. But is Bitcoin immune to government regulation? Bitcoin was designed to be a highly secure and decentralized system, but it is vital to remember that its most fundamental components are people, who are inherently unreliable and unpredictable.
The SEC charged the two Indian brothers and their friend in the first ever crypto insider trading case worth $1.5 million in the USA and they were arrested for the crime.
IRS Criminal Investigations has seized $3.4 billion in bitcoin stolen from the Silk Road by a man named Zhong, who appears to have discovered a weakness in that dark-web market that in 2012 allowed him to somehow pull more coins out of accounts he made there than he had placed.
A crypto analyst warns that the stock market may trigger a crypto market crash. The present macro factors indicate that a huge correction is on the way, which might bring digital assets down with it.
Custodia's lawsuit claims that the bank's approval process for a master account with the Federal Reserve, which would reduce costs and risks, was delayed in an "unlawful" manner. Now, Caitlin Long's Bitcoin bank Custodia is suing the Federal Reserve.
Proof-of-stake is becoming the norm for Ethereum! The Bellatrix upgrade is required to initially turn on the transition, referred to as The Merge, on the Beacon Chain. After that, when a certain Total Difficulty value is reached, the proof-of-work chain will switch to proof-of-stake. Here's the full Ethereum proof-of-stake The Merge plan.