Mark Cuban and Elon Musk seem to believe that Dogecoin could defeat Twitter’s spam bots: Here’s how they plan on going about it.
The Enforcement Directorate conducted six raids earlier this month as part of a thorough investigation into the alleged defrauding of over 15,000 investors. India's biggest crypto scam could come up to Rs 1 trillion shifting to a scale that has never been seen before in the nation.
The $258 billion lawsuit that claimed the price of Dogecoin was purposefully driven up by more than 36,000% over the course of two years by Elon Musk has expanded to six more defendants.
Bankman-Fried was candid in his prepared statements for the hearing when describing his predicament. Nevertheless, Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in the Bahamas and charged with wire/securities fraud and money laundering.
The finance ministry today announced that cryptocurrency transactions would now come under the ambit of money laundering provisions. In a notification, the government said that participation in transactions involving virtual digital assets would be under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The move is the latest step taken by the government to tighten oversight of digital assets.
In a recent Dutch television program, Christine Lagarde of the European Central Bank called for a crypto crackdown, saying that they are based on nothing and may hurt investors.
Although Bitcoin is now the best kind of currency, it is an evolution of those that humanity has already used. But what exactly is basic cash? Here's the pre-bitcoin history you should know.
According to CNBC, Google is tying up with Coinbase for cloud payments with cryptocurrencies, but the agreement's terms weren't made public.
According to data provided by the crypto forensic organisation Arkham, Alameda wallets has funnelled over $1.7M via crypto mixers overnight
According to the White House, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday for the creation of digital dollar directing the government to evaluate the risks and benefits of developing a central bank digital currency, as well as other cryptocurrency concerns.