A U.S. Senate report released in 1976 tells of the FBI's forgotten history of covert propaganda and political interference and how they are allowed to covertly commit otherwise illegal activity.
The third annual National Conservatism conference kicked off Sunday in Miami, Florida, bringing together a who’s who of figures associated with the so-called “New Right.” Topics of discussion included how to combat the rise of China, how to fight back against gender ideology, and, courtesy of the Heritage Foundation’s David Azerrad, how to resist the “blackpill” of living in a country in which “the elite is corrupt and so are the people”.
Former Spanish King Juan Carlos has been exiled over a corruption investigation into the €6.7bn Saudi Mecca-Medina Rail Link deal. Spain's Supreme Court has said it aims to establish Juan Carlos's connection with the Saudi project after his abdication...
The George Santos controversy was first reported in a little newspaper, but nobody seemed attentive. This is how North Shore Leader broke the George Santos scandal.
Several sources claim that ex-FBI agent Timothy Thibault withheld information on Hunter and Joe Biden from a whistleblower, resulting in several pieces of evidence disappearing from the FBI. 
CBI has arrested five suspects for selling Rajya Sabha seats for Rs 100 crores. On July 22 and 23, the apprehended suspects were brought before the appropriate court in Delhi; they are currently out on bail.
A charge sheet has been filed by the CBI for the Rs 9 lakh Biocon Biologics bribery case and cites several individuals, including Joint Drug Controller S Eswara Reddy.
Depending on where you sit on the political spectrum, you either think the Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as Obamacare, is either a socialist takeover of American health care, long past due regulation on a parasitic insurance industry, or a compromised piece of legislation that did more to help the insurance providers than patients.
Omidyar Network has been caught in a huge foreign bribery scandal in India. The case involves allegations of MHA employees and private consultants colluding to facilitate improper clearances for NGOs under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.
The Supreme Court has ordered a CBI probe into the illegal iron-ore export by Adani and given it six weeks to submit a preliminary report. The supreme Court has ordered the Central Bureau of...