Thursday, May 30, 2024
Google I/O unveiled significant advancements in its Gemini AI model, showcasing enhanced image and video search capabilities, deeper Workspace integration, improved conversational AI, and the introduction of innovative tools like Gems.
According to data from the Statista Consumer Insights survey, Google faces a smartphone loyalty problem. Current owners indicated that it is very likely they would switch to a different smartphone brand given the chance.
John Greenewald Jr., the owner of The Black Vault, mentioned in a tweet that Jeff Bezos' grandfather was a co-founder of DARPA, raising questions about DARPA's role in creating Amazon.
Bloomberg has reported that the Chinese Cyberspace Administration has ordered Apple to remove WhatsApp and Threads from the App Store, citing national security concerns. In response to national security...
India seeks a probe after Apple sent an email warning of a state-sponsored attack to opposition MP Priyanka Chaturvedi, who wrote to PM Modi and Amit Shah on Tuesday, demanding action.
Due to criticism by IAMAI of the recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance to introduce a new law for tackling Big Tech firms, Indian start-ups have accused the Internet and Mobile Association of India of...
A GitHub spokesperson has confirmed to the news agency IANS that the Microsoft-owned platform GitHub has laid off its entire engineering team in India.
In an interview with CNBC Google's former VP shared that the top skill required at job interviews is self-awareness.
A lawsuit accusing Google of abusing its position as one of the biggest brokers, providers, and online auctioneers of advertisements put on websites and mobile applications could result in Google Ads losing its monopoly.
Seattle School District #1 filed a lawsuit on Friday seeking a judge to rule that big tech had caused a disturbance and seeks monetary damages in addition to funding to prevent and treat the overuse of social media. With this, Seattle schools are effectively suing big tech over youth mental health crisis.