According to data collected by Bloomberg, the leading cause of airline crashes is murder-suicides by pilots and has outnumbered all other causes since the beginning of 2021.
US Naval Air Force has reported that E-2D Advanced Hawkeye which is an US Navy surveillance plane has crashed off the coast of Virginia due to unknown reasons.
Youtuber Trevor Jacob pleaded guilty to deliberately crashing his plane in the California mountains for views in 2021. In December 2021 Trevor Jacob uploaded a video to YouTube titled "I Crashed My Airplane," a 12-minute video...
Nepal Plane Crash At Least 68 Killed

Nepal Plane Crash 2023

A tourist town in Nepal witnessed a deadly plane crash, when an aircraft on a 27-minute flight, while trying to land at a recently inaugurated airport, crashed into a gorge on Sunday. The accident resulted in the death of at least 68 out of the 72 passengers on board. Some reports suggest that cries for help were heard from the burning wreckage, making it the most fatal air crash in Nepal in the past 30 years.
According to a press release, the US Marine Corps confirmed on Thursday that 5 Marines were killed in a helicopter accident in California on February 6. According to an...
A business jet that departed a small New England airport Friday afternoon was buffeted by severe turbulence, killing a passenger and forcing the aircraft to divert to Bradley International Airport, officials said Saturday.
According to the US military, a US MQ-9 Reaper drone crashed after an encounter with a Russian jet, but Russia has denied that the two aircraft made direct contact.
Boeing shares have fallen 68% from their all-time high set just before the second MAX incident in early March 2019. Furthermore, Boeing is paying $200 million in settlement over misleading investors on the 737 Max's safety.
New information released by Chinese investigators gives some clues about what may have caused the crash of the China Eastern Airlines flight. It suggests that one piece of the airplane broke loose well before impact potentially leading to the disaster.
Valerie Schmitz, the widow of an F-16 pilot killed after a failed nighttime landing, has filed a federal civil action lawsuit against defence companies, alleging that the ejection seat was a forgery.