Historic Supreme Court Decision: Trump's Immunity Revealed 1

Historic Supreme Court Decision: Trump’s Immunity Revealed

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ruled that former presidents cannot be prosecuted for actions related to their official duties, asserting a presumption of immunity that shields them from criminal charges stemming from their presidential acts. The case, centered on Donald Trump’s alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election

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Finland To Start Bird Flu Vaccinations For Humans 1

Finland To Start Bird Flu Vaccinations For Humans

Get the scoop on Finland’s latest move to tackle bird flu by vaccinating humans! Dive into why this decision is sparking attention and what it means for public health worldwide. Discover the unique challenges posed by bird flu and how Finland’s proactive approach could set a precedent for other countries

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The Real Story Behind California's Job Numbers Will Shock You 1

The Real Story Behind California’s Job Numbers Will Shock You

In the past year, discussions have revealed that U.S. labor market data may have been manipulated to look better than reality, with reports suggesting significant overstatements in job numbers. Despite official claims of strong job gains, a recent report from California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office revealed a starkly different truth: the

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Inside L.A.'s Controversial $600K Homeless Housing Tower 1

Inside L.A.’s Controversial $600K Homeless Housing Tower

L.A.’s controversial $600K homeless housing tower, the Weingart Tower, boasting 278 units, is set to open as the city’s largest permanent supportive housing project on Skid Row. The high-rise includes amenities like a gym, art and music rooms, and is funded by taxpayers and state housing funds. The 278 homeless

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UGC-NET Question Paper Was Leaked On Darknet 1

UGC-NET Question Paper Was Leaked On Darknet

The UGC-NET exam question paper was leaked on the darknet, prompting its cancellation by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on Wednesday due to concerns about the integrity of the examination. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan disclosed on Thursday that the examination question paper was discovered to have been leaked on

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