Canada To Create Registry Of Podcasters In Potential Censorship Initiative

Canada is going to create a registry of podcasters as a potential censorship initiative called the Online Streaming Act, formally Bill C-11, which will be in force on November 28.

Canada To Create Registry Of Podcasters In Potential Censorship Initiative 1

In an effort to control streaming services and social media platforms, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is leading Canada down a perilous path of censorship. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission will soon require some podcasters to register, which ushers in the next step of regulation.

As of Nov. 28, the Online Streaming Act, formally Bill C-11, will be in force, requiring any online streaming services with operations in Canada and annual revenue of more than $10 million to register with the CRTC.

The new regulation is promoted by the Canadian government as a “modern broadcasting framework that can adapt to changing circumstances. To do that, we need broad engagement and robust public records.” These podcasters must ‘just once’ register with the CRTC, and the agency “collects basic information” from them, including:

“First, the CRTC is setting out which online streaming services need to provide information about their activities in Canada.”

So why is the government compiling a list of well-known podcasters?

One possible explanation is that the Liberal administration swiftly censors official narratives that are not acceptable. It is much simpler for people in charge of censoring when there is a list of podcasters and the kinds of content they produce.

According to Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun, “The CRTC now wants to regulate podcasts,” and “Here is my simple message to them,” Lilley posted on X. Enter hell.

On Sunday morning, Elon Musk joined the argument by asking, “Regulate podcasts!?” in response to the X account Wall Street Silver.

Elon Musk announced that X, previously known as Twitter, plans to take legal action against organizations funded by financier George Soros. These organizations are accused of advocating for restrictions on free speech.

The radical leftist prime minister recently applauded a literal Waffen-SS Nazi with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in Canada’s Parliament, despite the fact that Trudeau has called everyone under the sun a “Nazi,” from a Jewish member of parliament named Melissa Lantsman to “Freedom Convoy” trucker protesters.

Trudeau accused “Russian disinformation” of being to fault for the Nazi’s applause right away.

Even though Trudeau later issued an apology for his actions, his attempt to misrepresent the truth is nonetheless evidence of the government’s ongoing widespread censorship activities and its desire to further control what podcasters are allowed to say.

Keep in mind that creating a register makes the task for the government considerably simpler.

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