British Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire During “Top Secret Mission” In North Atlantic

As the HMS Victorious began to fill with toxic gases, it was necessary to immediately surface. The British nuclear submarine had caught fire during a “top secret mission” in North Atlantic.

British Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire During Top Secret Mission In North Atlantic

The Sun reported that a fire prompted a British nuclear-powered submarine hauling two Trident II ballistic missiles to abandon a “top secret mission” in the North Atlantic.

An electrical fire broke out when the Vanguard-class nuclear submarine HMS Victorious was executing a secret operation somewhere in the North Atlantic. The captain was compelled to declare an “emergency.” because the fire required the assistance of the entire 130+ crew.

As the HMS Victorious began to fill with toxic gases, it was necessary to immediately surface. Hatches were opened to release the smoke as the 16,000-ton sub arrived at the surface.

The captain evaluated the damage and decided to bring the 30-year-old ship back to the HMNB Clyde naval facility in Faslane, Scotland.

The fire was promptly put out, according to a Navy insider who reportedly informed The Sun that “every seagoing member of the Royal Navy is a qualified fire-fighter.”

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “The continuous at-sea deterrent is unaffected, but we do not comment on the detail of submarine operations.”

The origin of the electrical fire and the degree of the damage were not further explained.

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  1. Sorry to hear of an accident involving one of history’s greatest naval powers. I believe technical details of the accident SHOULD be publicized. “Classifying” them allows punishment of captain and crew without consequences to manufacturers and suppliers. I believe in blame shared liberally, like beer at a picnic.

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