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Despite being one of the richest nations in the world, Switzerland is one of the least energy self-sufficient, with domestic power production only meeting 25% of the nation's energy requirements. The current situation has become so dire that Switzerland’s environment minister is suggesting that people shower together in order to save energy.
Researchers at the University of Toronto have done some research on our ability to sense threats. As per the study this response is an evolutionary trait and it is passed from one generation to the next. This trait helps humans to identify the potential danger quickly. 
A wrecked ship near Mauritius is spilling tonnes of oil in the Indian Ocean. More than 1,000 tonnes of oil has already seeped into the sea polluting the coral reefs, white-sand beaches and pristine lagoons. Still there is 2,500...
One basic way to expand our efficacy is through modern science and technology. But another is through integrated (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) growth and enhanced wisdom. This means growing in our sense of connection with nature and one...
Meiru Wang, a biologist from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and her team have found that 1 in 4 embryos have abnormally small eyes due to nanoplastics.
The UK's junior Defense Minister Annabel Goldie told Parliament on Tuesday, "Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armor piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium."
At a time when scientists are trying to find water on other planets and their moons, NASA has made a big revelation. According to a tweet by NASA Sun and Space, one or more of Uranus' moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces. "One or more of Uranus’ moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces, according to new findings," the tweet read.
Dr. MB Krishna, a city-based ecologist, and ornithologist said that due to the building of houses and roads, all the sparrows have left Bengaluru.
Newly released data shows soil in the Ohio town of East Palestine – scene of a recent catastrophic train crash and chemical spill – contains dioxin levels hundreds of times greater than the exposure threshold above which Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists in 2010 found poses cancer risks.
On 5 March, the world reached what could well be a turning point for protection of the world's oceans.