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Egypt's Economic Nightmare: How Sisi's $300 Billion Project Spelled Disaster For Egypt 1

Egypt’s Economic Nightmare: How Sisi’s $300 Billion Project Spelled Disaster For Egypt

Egypt’s economic woes worsened under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, whose ambitious $300 billion New Administrative Capital project has exacerbated poverty and inequality. Sisi’s regime faces a severe debt crisis, forcing austerity measures that disproportionately burden the poor while enriching military elites and their allies. Despite massive investments in mega-projects, Egypt’s

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Egypt Unveils World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant 1

Egypt Unveils World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant

Egypt has inaugurated the Hamam sewage treatment plant, the largest in the world, as part of the New Republic initiative. It’s located in the western Delta region, a significant step in Egypt’s water management strategy. Egypt’s administration has demonstrated its resilience in the face of global economic difficulties by implementing

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Khopesh – The Deadly Sword That Forged The Egyptian Empire

Khopesh – The Lethal Blade Paving the Way for the Egyptian Empire: Despite its profound ties to Egypt, the khopesh did not originate within its borders. Mesopotamia took the lead in crafting the earliest forms of the khopesh by the beginning of the second millennium BC. Ancient Egypt had a

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Egyptians To ‘Mummify’ Man-Eating Shark

The local Cairo24 news media outlet reported that a top Egyptian oceanography researcher said the man-eating shark that mauled a Russian national to death will be ‘mummified’. A shark that mauled a Russian national to death in Egypt last week will end up as a museum exhibit, a top Egyptian

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Three Israeli Soldiers Killed By Egyptian Policeman

Three Israeli soldiers, who served in the mixed-gender light infantry Bardelas and Caracal battalions tasked with guarding the border, were killed by an Egyptian policeman. Thousands turned out to pay their final respects Sunday evening to the three IDF soldiers who were killed over the weekend by an Egyptian policeman

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