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International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva stated that the IMF is "working hard" on a global central bank digital currency platform. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is “working...
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced that Zimbabwe will launch a gold-backed digital currency, dumping the US dollar. Zimbabwe has become the latest country to dump dollar and has decided to issue gold-backed...
According to a report, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is planning to issue a gold-backed digital currency.
UMU, the Central Bank Digital Currency, has been launched. Although the IMF has not officially endorsed UMU, George Walker, a partner at Practus, LLP, noted that the organization had not raised objections to its foreign exchange premium rates or its monetary sovereignty approach.
Sen. Bryan Hughes (R) introduced Senate Bill 2334 on March 10, which could result in Texas launching its own gold-backed digital currency if it's passed.
According to experts, the Federal government is using the Silicon Valley banking crisis to usher in central bank digital currency.
The Bank of England has started consultations on trying to implement a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which could lead the way in the globalist vision of a cashless economy where all transactions are easily detectable by the government, according to an announcement made this week by the de facto head of His Majesty's Treasury. This implies that the UK is set to launch the digital pound central bank digital currency.
SAMA is currently researching the market preparedness, potential efficiency, and speed of applications for digital currency payment systems. Saudi Central bank is testing digital currency.
An article in The Sydney Morning Herald has reported on a pilot program that Australia's Central Bank is currently working on with BIS to launch a digital currency system, but it has the possibility that the access of citizens to the economy could be cut off at any time should they say or do anything in defiance of the authorities.
The fact that Biden is planning a new digital currency is no secret. There are several reasons why you should be very worried about this as it is suspected that such a new proposal will provide the federal government authority over large portions of society and the economy.