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GGI Suspicions Confirmed: Top Parkinson’s Expert Secretly Visits Biden

A Parkinson’s disease specialist from Walter Reed Medical Center has made at least nine visits to the White House in the past year, meeting with President Biden’s personal physician and other medical staff. These visits, suggest a focus on President Biden’s health, particularly given the involvement of a neurologist specializing

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Biden's Secret Weapon: Could AI Deception Secure His Victory? 1

Biden’s Secret Weapon: Could AI Deception Secure His Victory?

In a shocking op-ed, a Huffington Post writer suggests that President Biden’s campaign should consider using artificial intelligence to deceive voters into believing he’s fitter and healthier than he is. The writer argues that the stakes of the election justify such deception, proposing AI-generated videos to present a smoother, more

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The Puppet Masters Behind Biden Administration

After watching the intense Trump-Biden debate on June 27, many people are left wondering: if Biden isn’t fully in control, then who is? The United States is navigating some of the most dangerous international waters in decades, escalating conflicts in Ukraine and Southwest Asia that could potentially lead to a

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Is Hunter Biden Attending Classified Briefings? 1

Is Hunter Biden Attending Classified Briefings?

Hunter Biden has been actively participating in meetings and advising President Joe Biden since returning from Camp David, where the family gathered recently. This involvement is unusual given Hunter’s legal troubles, including a recent guilty verdict on gun charges and ongoing tax-related accusations. Despite these issues, Hunter has been seen

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The Sniffer-In-Chief - Inside Joe Biden's Hidden Past 1

The Sniffer-In-Chief – Inside Joe Biden’s Hidden Past

Delve into the hidden past of Joe Biden: once a staunch advocate for tough crime laws, he now faces scrutiny as his son Hunter’s troubles mirror his own legislative fervor. From controversial drug sentencing laws to questionable financial dealings in Ukraine, Biden’s career is riddled with contradictions. His presidency is

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Is Joe Biden's Mental Health Declining Due To Vaccine Injury? 1

Is Joe Biden’s Mental Health Declining Due To Vaccine Injury?

Since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline have intensified. Events like the recent debate underscored his impairment, raising alarm among Democrats and prompting reflections on his health, exacerbated by repeated vaccinations. Throughout my life, I have had the experience of being able to clearly

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How CIA Helped Discredit Hunter Laptop Story For Biden Win 1

How CIA Helped Discredit Hunter Laptop Story For Biden Win

A congressional report has unveiled that the CIA interfered in the 2020 election by collaborating with the Biden campaign to dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation.” High-ranking CIA officials were aware of this tactic, and some active CIA contractors even signed a misleading statement. This explosive revelation

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