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Reuters reported that Elon Musk got rock star treatment in China, being greeted by top ministers from the Chinese government's foreign affairs, commerce, and industry departments. Elon Musk received a 5-star welcome during a...
According to a report by POLITICO, the European Union is furious after Elon Musk withdrew Twitter from an online censorship program, citing his commitment to prioritizing freedom of speech over pleasing EU. Elon Musk...
In an interaction on Twitter Spaces with CNBC reporter David Faber, Elon Musk was asked what careers to choose in the era of ChatGPT-like AI, and he advised people to pursue their passions and interests.
Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) signed a law banning nonprofit donations to county election offices, making it a felony to accept "Zuckerbucks." Local governments in Georgia could face felony charges if they receive donations from nonprofit organizations after the 2020 general...
According to the revenue breakdown posted on the Twitter website, Elon Musk earns $1.2 million from his Twitter account.
After reports emerged that Microsoft planned to remove Twitter from its advertising platform, Elon Musk threatened to sue the company for using Twitter data for its artificial intelligence.
After Elon Musk, along with the official Twitter Verified account, announced on Mar. 23 that the social media company would set a deadline of Apr. 1 for verified users to apply and keep their status, The New York Times has lost its blue check badge.
Altman and OpenAI's other founders rejected Musk's proposal to take control of OpenAI and run it himself, which is the secret history behind Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and OpenAI.
Argentina was headed toward its thrilling victory over France at the World Cup in Qatar, and Elon Musk, the Tesla Inc. CEO and Twitter owner, stood in the stands, laughing and holding a wine glass. A woman approached and asked for a selfie. He obliged and smiled. She briefly spoke to him and departed, according to a short video clip of the encounter posted on TikTok.
Elon Musk is planning to build his own town on part of thousands of acres of newly purchased pasture and farmland outside the Texas capital, according to deeds and other land records and people familiar with the project.