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The DeSantis Doctrine

The DeSantis Doctrine is to use the institution he controls—government—to rescue or defang other institutions consumed by wokeness. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.) announced his presidential candidacy during a Twitter Spaces event Wednesday, but it was Elon Musk’s show. The Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX CEO received co-billing. Moderator David Sacks,

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DeSantis, in a speech in Georgia on Thursday, promised more action after Disney stripped the board governing the district where Walt Disney World is located of most of its authority. However, some may argue that Disney lured DeSantis into a trap.

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Biden's Secret Amazon Book Ban Exposed: Caught Suppressing Vaccine Criticism 1

Biden’s Secret Amazon Book Ban Exposed: Caught Suppressing Vaccine Criticism

Biden’s administration covertly pressured Amazon to suppress books critical of vaccines during the pandemic, as revealed by the House Judiciary Committee. Over forty titles, including medical professionals’ works, were sidelined under government pressure, sparking accusations of censorship. It has come to light that the Biden Administration exerted pressure on Amazon

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Bombshell Grand Jury Report Exposes Shocking COVID Lies And Government Cover-Ups 1

Bombshell Grand Jury Report Exposes Shocking COVID Lies And Government Cover-Ups

On May 21, a bombshell grand jury report exposed shocking COVID-19 lies and cover-ups, revealing misconduct by pharmaceutical companies, government health officials, and media figures, significantly impacting public health and trust since the pandemic began. Last Monday, a Florida grand jury’s second interim report on its investigation into possible “wrongdoing”

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Is Gavin Newsom Running A Shadow Presidential Campaign?

Morris Fiorina, professor of political science and Hoover Institution fellow at Stanford University, said that Gavin Newsom is running a shadow presidential campaign in preparation for 2024. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s vetoes, international travel, and planned debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis amount to something like a covert presidential campaign.

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The 16 People Who Will Pick The Next President

The top 16 people who will have the biggest impact on the 2024 presidential campaign, excluding the candidates, are given below. 16. Whoever is in charge of message discipline for Robert Kennedy When he is good, the Biden rival sounds like a cross (in a good, politically potent way) between

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Inside The Sordid, Booze-Filled Life Of Matt Schlapp

The parties at Conservative Political Action Conferences have become the stuff of legend, and the sordid, booze-filled life of Matt Schlapp. Matt Schlapp and his wife Mercedes have a long reputation of being the conservative darlings of Washington, D.C. They are known for the lavish shindigs at their Virginia mansion with an

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