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At the G7 Summit attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, industrialized nations pledged support for the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) as a counter to China's Belt and Road Initiative.
China's State Security Ministry disclosed that classified military documents were purchased for 85 cents by a retiree named "Grandpa Zhang." The sale involved eight volumes, costing less than $4 total.
According to a Govini report, despite efforts to reduce reliance, the US Military-Industrial Complex is increasingly dependent on Chinese suppliers, highlighting vulnerabilities in critical military technologies. The U.S. Navy...
According to a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by China's Sinopec, they will build gas pipelines for Saudi Aramco in a $1-billion deal. Sinopec, a Chinese energy...
China's Chang'e-6 successfully landed on the moon's far side to collect samples, marking China's fourth lunar landing and the second on the moon's far side, according to state media reports.
On May 30, 2024, the Justice Department exposed a secret Chinese plot at the University of Florida involving researcher Pen Yu and student Leticia Zheng smuggling dangerous bio-toxins to China.
On May 24, China’s secret spaceplane, Shenlong, ejected a mysterious object into Earth's orbit, prompting the US Space Force to track it down amid growing concerns about its purpose and implications.
Amid Boeing's challenges, China's Comac rises as a prominent beneficiary, positioning itself to potentially surpass the American aviation giant. To fulfill the growing domestic demand for passenger jets, the...
Former CIA officer and FBI linguist Alexander Yuk Ching Ma pleaded guilty in Honolulu federal court on Friday to spying for China for over a decade, in exchange for $50,000.
Recent findings from the Hinrich Foundation indicate that China's shift away from the USD signifies the commencement of de-dollarization. Furthermore, data reveals that the percentage of settlements conducted in RMB has now exceeded those in USD.