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Because of their size, the largest pension funds can wield significant market power. Here are the world's 100 biggest pension funds.
Neuroscientist Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project and professor at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, said that the human brain is capable of building structures with up to 11 dimensions.
Germany, Europe's biggest economy and the most reliant on Russian gas imports, has witnessed industrial output fall due to high energy costs caused by shortages. Notably, Volkswagen says that EV battery plants are ‘practically unviable’ in EU due to soaring energy costs.
In California, a task force was established to develop suggestions for reparations for slavery. Now, the descendants of slaves in California are set to receive $223,200 each in slavery reparations.
Around a month ago, Safe Blood Donation launched operations in the United States and started assembling a network of healthcare providers. The nonprofit blood donation service started matching unvaccinated patients with donors.
Staple crops and the nations that produce them are essential to ensuring global food security. Here's a map of where exactly our food comes from.
As more individuals go online for both personal and professional reasons, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of. Cybercrime is expected to skyrocket in the coming years to $23.84 trillion.
The Annals of Internal Medicine just published a randomized controlled trial comparing the ability of medical masks to prevent COVID infection to fit-tested N95s.
The visualisation given below gives detailed information about the world's money and markets and where they're heading.
One of the greatest puzzles in existence is the nature of our reality. An expert proposes a method for telling if we all live in a computer program.