Top 5 Gospel Musicians in the World

    Today, gospel music continues to thrive and evolve around the world, with artists spanning multiple genres within the genre. Some of the best gospel singers include CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Marvin Hamlisch, and Michael.W.Smith.

    CeCe Winans 

    She became one of the best-selling female gospel artists and best crazyvegas player in history based on her album, “The Power of One. The album won several awards, including Best Contemporary Female Vocal Performance at the 31st Annual Grammy Awards. After years of success, she recently released another album entitled “My Savior My King” (2017).

    Kirk Franklin 

    Growing up as a kid, I always listened to his songs that my mother would sing along with. Kirk Franklin has been one of the leading voices of Christianity since 1991. He also wrote or co-wrote many other popular worship songs such as: “Kirk’s Prayer”, “Amazing Grace”, “Turn To Me” and “Who Am I” among others.

    Fred Hammond 

    Born Frederick Marquis Holsey Jr., he began singing professionally while attending college where he majored in English literature and psychology. In the mid-’90s, he signed a recording contract with Arista Records. By 2000, he had released five studio albums and had become one of the best-known gospel artists in the United States.

    Marvin Hamlisch 

     This Canadian-born songwriter and composer are one of the best-recognized composers in Hollywood. He has written many iconic songs including: “A Chorus Line”, “Porgy & Bess”, “The Sting”, “Songs For A New World” and “The Way We Were”.

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    Michael W. Smith 

    He grew up listening to artists like Aretha Franklin and James Brown growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He says that he used to perform in Brown’s church. Eventually, he left home to pursue a musical career which eventually led him to sign a record deal with Sparrow Records in 1993. Since then, this award-winning musician has recorded 7 studio albums, and 2 live albums and has seen more than 200 million records sold around the globe.


    There are many talented gospel musicians out there. The above are just some of them. You can stream their music on any online music app using your phone or laptop. To add on, you may play australia online casino games whilst listening to the beautiful gospel songs from the above musicians.

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