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According to individuals acquainted with the situation, India is set to buy stakes in offloaded western oil companies in Russia.
The sanctions placed by the US OFAC on Russian diamond producer Alrosa PJSC earlier this month have blocked the flow of Russian diamonds to India.
Cash from India and China is helping the Russian economy stay afloat as the next stage of Russia's incursions commences. Here is how the Russia India China axis is defeating the western sanctions over Ukraine.
French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in a recent interview said that Americans are indifferent to the ordinary French people and their predicament and that the US should compensate France for losses if the EU bans Russian gas.
Despite exempting several sectors from sanctions, the US is warning India that increased trade with Moscow will result in grave repercussions. Yet, Indian firms have begun the process to accept China's yuan for their exports.
Due to the sanctions that ban them from flying in any other airspace more than 100 Russian jets trying to escape those sanctions is stranded in Dubai.
Russian finance minister says the BRICS nations should create their own SWIFT system to counter sanctions and strengthen their own national currency.
India has so far refused to follow the West's anti-Russia sanctions, opting instead to continue importing Russian oil. As a result, US has warned that India will face significant long term costs if it aligns with Russia.
To protect Russia against cyberattacks and future sanctions Moscow has banned the use of foreign software technology in infrastructure that are critical for the nation.
London is 'very disappointed' by how unwilling India is in imposing sanctions on Russia and Biden has decided to send the sanctions czar to India.