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I normally feel great sympathy for any person battling the terrible disease of dementia. However, in the case of President Biden, who the whole world knows is battling this affliction, the sentiment I feel is closer to disgust.
With the intention of assisting Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) avoid deportation, the Obama administration previously granted the Vera Institute of Justice $310 million in 2018. Now, George Soros has won a $41M contract from Biden to help illegal aliens evade deportation.
In early September 2022, the FDA also put out medically false and misleading COVID booster campaign messages that prove we’ve officially entered the era of transhumanism.
The U.S. military just told it’s own soldiers to use food stamps to keep their families fed during this ongoing period of high inflation, caused by the Biden regime’s own flawed economic analysis, coupled with the establishment’s COVID-19 lockdowns, and the war in Ukraine.
The Biden Administration and individuals like Anthony Fauci, brought us dangerously near to complete medical authoritarianism, and that is something we must never forget. Now, Biden is declaring that the COVID pandemic "is over" despite continued use in policies & programs.
Several sources claim that ex-FBI agent Timothy Thibault withheld information on Hunter and Joe Biden from a whistleblower, resulting in several pieces of evidence disappearing from the FBI. 
Joe Biden shouted that he "beat pharma this year" during a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee on Monday, despite the fact that by seeking to impose vaccine mandates, he gave the pharmaceutical industry billions in record profits.
The student loan forgiveness proves that all of those college degrees really are worthless. But is it permissible for Joe Biden to basically pay for college students' tuition as long as he remains in office in order to buy their votes?
Republican legislators had voiced outrage previously, alleging Wall's letter demonstrated the White House's deception in claiming Biden was uninformed of the raid. Now, memos have been leaked which point towards Biden's White House office being heavily involved in the Trump raid.
In an interview for an article, Joseph Robinette Biden detailed the untold history of the Biden family, which shows that Biden, Sr. possessed a large amount of money at one point, but he lost it all for reasons that were largely unknown.