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Israeli officials are preparing for an Iranian retaliation attack ahead of time. Recently, Israel issued an unusual alert to all citizens to evacuate Istanbul immediately, citing Iranian revenge plot.
The USS Liberty incident resulted in no one being found guilty. If anything, it led to the opposite, as the US aid budget for Israel was increased by 450 percent in 1968. This is the story of when Israel attacked America, and the US government sided with Tel Aviv.
Iran has escalated its UAV program in recent years, focusing on weaponizing drones to augment the regime’s other capabilities and proxy forces. Meanwhile, a top Iranian drone engineer was assassinated under unclear circumstances.
Israel and Russia created a so-called deconfliction hotline in recent years to prevent the two sides from becoming entangled and mistakenly battling over Syria. However, recently for the very first time, Russia has fired missiles at Israeli jets in Syria.
Media outlets announced in March that a Turkey-Israel gas pipeline was being planned behind closed doors as one of Europe's alternatives to Russian energy. Europe essentially wants to replace Russia with Israel for natural gas needs.
Cardiac arrests among the young increased by over 25% in Israel after COVID vaccine rollout as per a study. The analysis also found a substantial association between the Pfizer vaccine deployment and a considerable rise in cardiovascular adverse events.
Since Russia's military campaign in Ukraine began on February 24, the US and its Western allies have imposed a slew of sanctions in an attempt to penalize Moscow for its conduct and cripple its economy. But they might have an unexpected ally in Israel's, as it is also playing a major role in weakening the dollar.
President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Ukraine will go to Israel for security advice, claiming that an "absolutely liberal" Kiev is now "impossible" in the aftermath of Moscow's strike in late February. Zelensky is predicting a long-term armed military presence on the streets of Ukraine and has said Ukraine will be a 'big Israel'.
According to an Ukraine official Israeli PM Bennett pushed President Zelensky to surrender to Russia in a phone call on Tuesday which he did not accept.
"I did not like that he had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein. I made that clear to him." These words from Melinda Gates clearly exposes Bill Gates' relationship with Israeli spy Jeffrey Epstein. She also also hinted at that this was a factor that ultimately led to their divorce.